Despite breaking many conventions of the Zelda franchise, Breath of the Wild may arguably take the player closer to the earlier games than most recent additions. Yet Nate at Nintendo Treehouse wanted to take a step closer to the previous Zelda games. He achieved this by having Link wear the iconic green tunic in every cutscene since he left the Great Plateau.

“One of the advantages of working on a game like Breath of the Wild is that by the time the game releases, you know where all the cutscenes will trigger on your retail playthrough.”

Obviously a huge fan of the series, Nate wanted to ensure that every cutscene showed Link wearing his famous green tunic. Through the use of certain Amiibo, treasures can be dropped from the sky, including items such as Link’s famous tunic. As Nate played a part in creating Breath of the Wild he obviously knew when the cutscenes took place and was able to ensure Link was fully dressed in the outfit before it started.

Nate admits that “yes, that makes me weird” but states that he doesn’t care “because it’s awesome.” I don’t think that it’s a weird thing to do at all. It was a controversial choice to change Link’s famous outfit, especially the hat, but Nate has managed to recapture the brilliance of the iconic tunic all over again in Breath of the Wild. I’m sure that in everyone’s second or third playthrough they may consider doing exactly the same.

You can check out the full blog post over at the Nintendo Treehouse Log.