By now we’re all familiar with the plethora of ways in which Breath of the Wild tosses out the old tropes of the franchise, and perhaps one of the biggest changes is to Link himself. Or to be more specific, his wardrobe.

Whilst the hero’s traditional green garb is still available to track down in some shape or form if you’ve got some Amiibo handy, the iconic look we’ve all grown accustomed to has been jettisoned in favour of the now-familiar blue Champion’s Tunic. Recently, at GDC, the game’s art director Satoru Takizawa gave us some insight into why this choice was made, and it seems to be the case that the designers thought Link’s old style just wasn’t badass enough. Specifically, his headgear.

Like many character designs that originated in the 8-bit era, function took precedence over form, with Link’s hat helping define his attributes more clearly, but as time and technology has improved, Takizawa has apparently been pushing at the limitations that tradition has imposed. “As the graphic fidelity has increased it becomes more difficult to make that hat look cool. As the game becomes more realistic it’s difficult to present it in a way that’s appealing.”

It’s a testament to the design team that they’ve been able to jettison Link’s traditional get-up with barely any outcry whatsoever from us Zelda fans, and we’re a highly sentimental bunch when it comes to this stuff! How are you all handling Link’s expanded wardrobe? Personally, I think the Hylian Hood is the new hat.

  • richard33

    I would believe that the hat is no longer cool if all the other hats you have look lame AF(excluding the hoodie).

  • Zeldas Link

    I miss the Green Tunic and hat. It’s tradition, period. Imagine Nintendo would screw Marios red hat or his blue/red clothes. Would this still be “Mario”? No! Same is with Link. It just does not feel like a “real” Zelda anymore. I’m disappointed and afraid they keep the new way in future Zeldas. Goodbye traditional green Link and true Zelda feeling…forever 😥

    Maybe younger Audience don’t care about that, but as a Hyrule Veteran, played every single Zelda since beginning, it’s just not ok Nintendo deciced to break up with that. I know the green tunic and hat can be found in Botw, that’s not the point about the fact that I “miss” it. It’s the fact it does not play a major role anymore. In fact it’s nothing more than a gift to players.

    It’s sad. I like the Game itself, but I can’t be happy playing it, as I was with previous titles. It just does not feel “true Zelda” for me anymore.

    P.S.: Just my 2 cents. I had to share my feelings, sorry.

    • Axel Chicahuala Ferreyra

      I played almost every Zelda game in the franchise and i feel like if tradition isn’t as important as risk taking and fresh designs/ mechanics 🙂

    • rsanchez1

      They screw with that stuff all the time though with Mario. I thought Cat Mario was the best thing they ever did.

  • cdo12

    Sometimes it’s not about being cool. I used my amiibo and the green hat and tunic are there. Sorry, dude. Some things are beyond cool.

  • Vladislak

    *minor outfit-related spoilers*

    You can still totally get the traditional tunic even without the amiibos. Beat every shrine and he gets his own tunic, which seems to have taken more inspiration from the older tunics (brown sleeves, no tights).

    It’s one of the best outfits in the game as it’s tied for highest defense stat of any outfit when fully upgraded. 😀

    So unlike the amiibo outfits that are just Easter eggs borrowed from other games Links, BotW Link does indeed get his own personal version of the green tunic.

  • rsanchez1

    He’s always had only one hat. In BotW he has so many cool hats. He has hoods, a bandana, feathery headdress, and other cool designs. And he can even get his classic look back with Amiibo. Definitely an upgrade this game.

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  • asdfg

    What??? I love his hat, it’s iconic and compliments his appearance. Look at TP Link with his long pointy hat and tell me it doesn’t look cool?? I’m fine with BotW but I hope the hatless, green-tunicless(?) look doesn’t become a staple. :/