The release of the Nintendo Switch has been incredibly successful. From great reviews to huge sales figures, it seems the Nintendo Switch has become a huge trend in gaming. Nintendo seem to want to take this a step further and relate the Switch to future fashion trends.

Nintendo have recently announced that they will be showcasing the Switch at Fuorisalone from April 4 to April 9. For those of you who aren’t in the fashion-know (unlike us here at Zelda Universe) Fuorisalone is an event which takes place annually in Milan, as part of the Week of Design. It has been described as the most “important event in the world for the design-addicted.” The event is famous for displaying the newest fashions in the industrial and furnishing sectors, but has recently been trying to branch out into other fashion related sectors.

It seems that Nintendo are looking to build on the Switch’s success by targeting new audiences. Obviously, the Switch has been marketed towards a very wide range of people, not just gamers. It will be interesting to see the reception that the Switch receives, few (if any) consoles have targeted an audience like this before. Hopefully Switch fever takes over Milan at the beginning of April and everyone picks up a copy of Breath of the Wild too. Certainly the variety of outfits for Link could delight fashion enthusiasts…


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