There are few things worse than finding out there’s a problem with your console. It’s often an incredibly annoying and tedious task to send a console back to the developers to be fixed. However, you always expect the console to be returned fixed and ready to go so you can get back to playing your favourite games. What you don’t expect is to find that all the saved data has disappeared. Sadly though that has happened to some who have returned their systems to Nintendo to be repaired.

It’s important to note that not all customers who returned their Switch encountered this problem. Likewise, most Switch users haven’t experienced any technical difficulties. At this time there’s not much explanation as to why this is occurring, but it’s something that people should be wary of. Certainly it beats not having a console at all, but losing all your progress in a game like Breath of the Wild would be infuriating.

Despite these issues, the Nintendo Switch is selling incredibly well and has been met with great acclaim. Keep all your fingers crossed that nothing happens to your Switch.

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