To wrap up Nintendo’s ‘making of’ series for Breath of the Wild, the third and final video explores the story and characters in the game. Expect to see a ton of really interesting concept art!

In discussing the approval process for his designs, Art Director Satoru Takizawa mentions that sometimes Eiji Aonuma (producer) and Hidemaro Fujibayashi (director) would request to make small changes on his designs. Specifically, he mentions a change that we may have already witnessed.

“You can actually see one of those cases in the trailer that was released in January. It may be hard to tell, but there’s one character in it whose colour scheme changed entirely because of a comment from Mr. Aonuma.” I’m not too sure who or what he’s referring to just yet, but I may update this when I find out!

“We thought it’d be super fun if we had all these tiny characters all over the place”

Aonuma’s explanation on coming up with the Guardian enemies is also pretty interesting. “I just happened to be talking to one of the staff members, saying ‘When I played the first Legend of Zelda game, I felt like the Octorok were pretty huge. They’d make all these complicated movements and I really didn’t like those guys.’ So we thought about creating an enemy using that image”.

He also hints that the Bokoblins, Breath of the Wild‘s most common enemy, may not have always been evil. “If you pay attention to them, you’ll see that there’s something endearing about them. You’ll start thinking that these guys probably weren’t bad to start off with, but maybe did something that made them the way they are.”

Most interestingly, Fujibayashi reveals that at some point in development, the team wanted to introduce a race of tiny people, much like the Minish from The Minish Cap. “We thought it’d be super fun if we had all these tiny characters all over the place, but with all these other characters that stand out, we thought it would be difficult for these little guys to be able to live out their own place in the game. So we really wanted to have them in there for the gameplay, but sadly had to give up on the idea.”

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