When we first learned the release date for Breath of the Wild, several of us here at Zelda Universe thought it would be fun to get together and celebrate, but that casual meet-up quickly evolved into something much bigger. Instead of just a few friends hanging out, we wanted to get the Zelda community involved and do something to help others while we’re at it. We love the charity marathons that organizations such as Zeldathon and Games Done Quick perform, and had played around with the idea of a Twitch channel for a while, so the Breath of the Wild launch seemed like a great opportunity to kick things off.

The plan was to hold our first ever ZUThon: streaming Breath of the Wild for 48 hours straight, with a goal of raising $1250 for Direct Relief, a charity who’s mission is to provide medical aid to those hit with poverty or emergency situations. We quickly met and then surpassed our goal, raising a total of $2146. Every dollar donated to Direct Relief provides $45 worth of medical aid, so thanks to all of you who donated or shared the stream with your friends and followers, we raised the equivalent of $96,570 in medical aid, improving and saving the lives of people all over the world. Thank you all so much!