We can all agree that mushrooms and Master Swords are awesome enough. However, this year, streamers Iateyourpie and Spikevegeta decided that this time around, mayhem is also a must. After a very successful competitive streaming event last year titled “Month of Mushrooms and Master Swords”, the two gamers decided that this year they wanted to expand their competition beyond Mario and Zelda games and change the title to the “Month of Mushrooms and Mayhem”.

The event will take place between 8-9pm EST, February 26 through March 31, and we’re pleased to announce that Zelda Universe has partnered with the event and are not only providing coverage, but also providing a pretty sweet prize bundle for one lucky winner that includes the following:

  • One copy of Breath of the Wild (Winner’s choice of Wii U or Nintendo Switch)
  • Zelda: Arts & Artifacts
  • Twilight Princess HD Sound Selection CD
  • One $50 dollar Nintendo eShop gift card
  • Wolf Link amiibo

The goal of the Month of Mushrooms and Mayhem (or MOMAM) is to remain fun while still being highly competitive and exciting for both viewers and players. Each of the games in the competition are approached in a race-style format. Included in the competition’s line-up this year are other incredibly popular titles such as: Sonic, Pokémon, Final Fantasy, Metroid, and Pikmin; a victory over their opponent in each of these titles will net the victor a single point. As these points accumulate, the winner will earn the following prizes:

  • $100 will be donated by the loser to a charity of the winner’s choice
  • The loser must beat Super Mario 64 one-handed
  • The loser must play Metroid Other M
  • The loser must do a casual playthrough of the winner’s choice
  • The loser must record an audio clip that includes “[winner] is so great, so much better than me”  that will be used as a sub/donation line.

Schedule for the MOMAM event

Viewers can make predictions here on who they believe will win each of the events, and the grand prize for the viewer that makes the most correct predictions is a free Nintendo Switch console! The inclusion of the console is a significant step up from last year’s grand prize of a $50 dollar gift card for the Nintendo eShop and pairs well with the Zelda prizes for anyone hoping to play Breath Of The Wild on the new console. For fans wanting to keep track of the event, a leaderboard has also been provided.

For more details on the event and how you can enter to win prizes, please visit Streambig.

We hope you tune in!

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