The road to March 3 is almost over, and what a bumpy ride it has been. Ever since preorders went live back in January, the Internet has been inundated with reports of orders being mysteriously canceled from multiple retailers the world over. There was even confirmation of a batch of Switches being stolen, at least one of which was then illegally resold and featured in the now infamous unboxing video a week back.

Now, unfortunately, more cancellations are surfacing. This time concerning a shipment of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Master Edition from the US retailer Amazon. According to redditor diriaka, their order had been cancelled due to a large shipment going missing. Gaming News on Twitter has also shared the email Amazon has sent out regarding this issue:

Frustratingly, the preordered bundle that was slated to be unboxed at the ZUthon has also been cancelled due to this event. It has not been revealed as to whether or not the shipment was lost or actually stolen, but it appears, regardless of the reason, fans are having little luck recovering their orders.

At the moment, this only appears to be affecting the US branch of Amazon. We will keep you updated as this story progresses.

  • WarpedAbs

    Yup, mine was cancelled. Immensely upsetting considering I ordered with minutes of the product page going up after the Jan 13th Switch event.

  • Justin Ward

    Literally ordered in under a minute for mine. This is absolutely ridiculous. I’m so disappointed.

  • Zachary Flye

    This is so sad. Luckily I got a Special Edition, and hopefully they don’t disappear as well, but I feel really bad for those who wanted that awesome statue.

  • Ken Szeman

    ordered mine through gamestop, guess im lucky so far

  • Derek J

    I ordered one through Best Buy and another through GameStop. The second one is a birthday present for a friend but I’m keeping it if the other falls through.

  • Kratos

    this is exactly why i opted to pre-o the game only version. it sucks deku nuts that my fellow hyrulians are gettin’ straight up mugged on this deal. to all the bros that had their orders can’xd, know this…its now gonna be a scramble to get a copy of just the basic version in stores…there’s a lot of people in the same boat as you so get thee to thy store early

    • Guy Smiley

      you can still preorder the regular version

  • Johnny

    Feel bad for everyone who ordered from amazon! I was sad I didnt get one from amazon, looks like I dodged a bullet! Got mine from Bestbuy and they have not failed me yet so I will continue to order from them.

  • Maggie Angle

    Makes me wish I didn’t give mine to my friend. Looks like I’ll not ever get another opportunity even at a Special Edition…

  • Drumsnbase2

    Was feeling bad missed out on that prime savings 20% but I guess it was a good thing I did. Got my master edition pre-ordered still intact

    I had two pre orders for the special edition from toys r us as gifts but friends decided not to get the switch so I cancelled those two orders.

    Hopefully a real fan of the series can get them instead and not the stingy scalpers. On a side note these scalpers on eBay aren’t even making that much profit after eBay, pay pal and free shipping fees. It’s really ashame that the true fans have to miss out because of the scalpers wanting to make a small profit.

    Have fun with the game everyone.