Breath of the Wild is big (thank you Captain Obvious), and we already know that there’s a ton of stuff for Link to get done in this latest version of Hyrule. Whilst it is possible to go straight from the Shrine of Resurrection to the final showdown with Calamity Ganon, without even so much as bothering to put on any pants, Link will only get to comprehend why it is he’s been thrown into this particular challenge by fully exploring the world around him. Something that’s probably best done wearing trousers whilst we’re on the subject. I wonder how many nudists there are in Hyrule.

Despite this incentive to take in as much of the game as possible, in an interview with The Completionist, series producer Eiji Aonuma twice implies that a 100 percent completion is unachievable in the latest iteration of the Zelda series. At one point, host Jirard Khalil states that he has to get “every single thing” in Breath of the Wild, to which Aonuma-san flat-out replies “Yeah, that’s impossible”.

We already know that there’s an alternate ending to the game, should the player fulfil certain criteria. Perhaps there’s more branching than Aonuma is letting on, or some areas or items that are inaccessible once the player has done something else. I know I plan on taking my sweet time in exploring my surroundings in Breath of the Wild. I want to take in as much of that world as is humanly possible, and if I have to play through it multiple times in order to see everything, I’m more than okay with that.

All that having been said, we don’t know exactly what constitutes 100 percent in Aonuma’s eyes. He might be talking about collecting every single weapon being impossible to accomplish, purely due to the scope of the game. There’s only so many tree branches and Bokoblin arms Link can carry after all. It’s certainly open to interpretation, and when Jirard shows Aonuma his previous exploits in completing each previous Zelda, he does jokingly remark that maybe Jirard could finish it 100% after all!

You can watch The Completionist’s interview with Aonuma-san and Shigeru Miyamoto (in which everyone wears pants) in the video below, and decide for yourself. There’s some great insights into the development of the game and some of the challenges they faced in creating it. Check it out!

  • Panik64

    likely just an exaggeration. of course it’s going to be possible to complete 100%, it’s impossible NOT to.

    plus, them Nintendo folks are innocent, playful people. they hardly take anything too literally or seriously, from everything we’ve seen and heard in the past.

    • Joseph Santee

      Maybe they mean, “It’s impossible to get 100% in one run.” Shadow the Hedgehog was like that: it had over 326 endings.

    • Not necessarily true.

      It could be impossible to not 100% complete a game if there are items or rewards that are locked to certain choices.

      For example lets say that a side quest has two possible rewards. On the one hand you get maybe the hookshot… or if you finish the side quest another way you get the grappling hook. And you are locked out of getting the other in this play through.

      That would be one way that a game cannot be 100 percent-ed.

      In fact it happens in Link’s Awakening DX where you have to choose between the Red or Blue tunic, but you can’t have both.

      Meaning you have to create a second save fail where you obtain it. In some games they give you New Game + where items can carry over in a play through and sometimes that’s a way in which a game can’t be 100 percent-ed at least on the first go, but can on the second.

      • Christopher Olson

        In Link’s Awakening DX you could always just go back to the Color Dungeon and have the fairy change your tunic. But it’s true that you couldn’t possess both at the same time.

        What always used to annoy me was that in order to complete the photography journal you had to steal from the shop in town, which meant in order to get 100% you had to be renamed THIEF. The name of the photography journal changes likewise.

        Oh yeah, and there was the alternate first photograph. To get the other one you WOULD have to open a new file.

  • he was speaking figuratively of course

  • SenseiSensei

    Yeah it’s a subtitle error. He says it’s impossible to do IN A WEEK, as the interview guy’s thing is to complete the games in a week.
    This is why you people need to learn Japanese -_-

    • Kameron Brown

      That Japanese is impossible to learn.

    • Gielgud

      Also, once he shows them all the other Zelda games completed 100% they say something along the lines of “Oh, maybe you could do it then.” If I remember right.

    • CrispyBacon

      It is impossible to 100% learn japanese