Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma has been dropping details about Breath of the Wild here and there in recent interviews since the game’s newest — and most dramatic — trailer yet premiered during the Nintendo Switch event. One particularly surprising detail came out of an interview with IGN Portugal, adding to the air of mystery and anticipation surrounding the game: Breath of the Wild will feature an alternate ending.

“Yes, there is an alternate ending,” Aonuma revealed in the interview. He elaborated slightly, adding, “…there is a certain criteria you have to fulfill to see it. Essentially, you do some specific things and you’ll see a different ending.”

We don’t know the nature of this “alternate” ending. (And even if we did, we certainly wouldn’t spoil it here!) It could be something as simple as seeing a special cutscene; such as in Majora’s Mask where, only by completing the Kafei and Anju sidequest, you see their wedding taking place during the credits. Or it could be something more significant. There’s no way of knowing until people start beating the game after its launch on March 3, 2017.

Are you excited about the idea of an alternate ending? Will you be doing your best to obtain it in-game? What do you think it will show? Give us your best guesses!

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