Monolith Soft, a Japanese video game development studio, was recently confirmed to have had a role in the development of Breath of the Wild. While we’ve known of their involvement with the game, a recent interview between Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma and Gamekult has shed some light as to what role Monolith Soft played while assisting with the latest entry in the Zelda franchise.

Aonuma noted that “On Skyward Sword, Monolith had mainly helped us on graphics design and other artistic elements.” Although Monolith Soft could have helped more from a technical standpoint, apparently the two teams’ methods of making games drastically differed, so that was the extent of Monolith’s collaboration. Curiously, Monolith Soft’s assistance wasn’t geared towards the artistic design of Breath of the Wild, but more on its open areas and world as a whole. Aonuma elaborated on this by saying “On the other hand, for Breath of the Wild, we’ve been assisted by level designers used to large game areas, in order to make topographic arrangements.”

Given Monolith Soft’s experience with open worlds, such as the ones found in Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade Chronicles X, Aonuma going to them for help appears to have been a sound idea. We’ll see in a little over a month just how effective the partnership was.

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