As mentioned in previous articles, we have begun dissecting the newest Breath of the Wild trailer, and this time we bring you the newest enemies that were revealed in it, which were quite a few.

A total of six enemies were found at first glance; some of them were easy to categorize, and others not so much. The first of these is what appears to be a one-eyed moblin, exuding intimidating size and grandeur. Perhaps this’ll be another outdoor boss fight like the Steppe Talus showed on the E3 trailer.

cyclops monoblin

Another enemy is what appears to be this game’s iteration of the darknut, the mighty sword-clad foes that we all love to fight against. The design seems to be a bit more streamlined than the traditional darknut, so it may just be an entirely new type of enemy.

darknut maybe

The following enemy shown in the trailer seemed to be a Lizalfos, as it breathed large amounts of fire and had a lizard-type appearance. However, it seems our shield is more trustworthy this time around, for despite the heavy fire on Link, the shield was enough to repel the attack.

enemy fire

The next enemy is possibly one of the largest enemies ever seen in the Zelda series, a giant worm spurting out of the ground in a desert setting — perhaps the giant version of a moldorm or some similar enemy. What is clear is that it seems like it will be a tough fight, as Link is riding on some mysterious and unidentifiable object or creature.

giant worm

The next enemy is a bit more mysterious, as it has a similar design to a Guardian, but it lacks the pyramid-like formation on top of it. It bears more resemblance to the bird like airship revealed in the Game Awards trailer. Perhaps it is a new kind of guardian, one not yet revealed.

Do you feel that, by the way? That is the feeling of your hype levels rising.

new type of guardian maybe

Finally, the last enemy revealed is the most mysterious one yet, as it also bears a large body, an animal and guardian hybrid type of design, and glowing feet. It is so big, it didn’t even fit on the screen completely. How are we supposed to defeat such large enemies?

star wars type of enemy

The pictures of these new enemies are sure to light a fire under you gamer heart, which now aches over the fact that you still have to with two more months to play this game, until March 3. there’s a trick to making those two months go by quickly, however. All you need to do is watch the trailer over and over again, and time will fly by! Check it out below and let us know if you find any more well hidden enemies!