Hold on to your butts, Zelda fans, the much-anticipated new trailer for Breath of the Wild is here!

While The Game Awards are yet to start proper, a special pre-show trailer was just introduced by Bill Trinen of Nintendo. The trailer shows scenes and people from around Hyrule, and we even get a glimpse at who may very well be Princess Zelda!

Best of all, Breath of the Wild was voters’ choice for Most Anticipated Game, and Reggie will be sharing a new “experience” from the game later during tonight’s show. So check out the trailer below, and tune in to The Game Awards!

  • Skywalker638

    Still no release date?

    • J Cesar Chavez

      there has been a release date for about 5 months ago. It is on March, same day as the Switch System

      • DimensionalRanger

        It has never been officially confirmed by Nintendo.

      • Krauzen

        There was an article saying that the game probably won’t come out as the same time as the new console. The new anticipated release date was next year fall.

        • J Cesar Chavez

          I would be so mad, it was meant to be released this early this year. That is pushing it too much, but since it is too close to March, and no release date has been given, I see it as a probability. Sucks!

    • Fabrizio Silveri

      Nope, they’re still on a generic “2017”
      We probably have only to wait for the Switch announcement on the 13th to know….

  • DimensionalRanger

    Mmmm, my day got glorious just watching this! (I really like how this trailer didn’t give so much detail that I felt the game was spoiled).

  • Valwin Mediaz

    Zelda with a tablet explains how she been talking to link

  • Kratos

    this game literally looks like a work of hand drawn art come to life. i’ll be getting this at the “stores will be open at midnight” system selling bonanza that will no doubt happen IF the SWITCH & game are released on the same day.

  • Fabrizio Silveri

    This game has everything, it finally looks modern – the open world, different way of fighting the enemies, loads of NPCs that can also help you (did you spot the guy who’s fighting with Link against the bokoblins at the beginning of the trailer? THAT IS SO AMAZING), real life going on in there, a great cinematic story – and it’s still so amazingly Zelda with Calamity Ganon and the Sheikah and OMG ZELDA LOOKS AMAZING!
    I want it. Please Nintendo make Switch worth buying, because I really want this game

  • Lord Ganon

    Give it to me … now! *throws money at Nintendo*