Minuet of the Forest is a piece I scarcely find covered or remixed and I can not seem to understand why, especially when I listened to RebeccaETripp’s rendition. “Dance of the Fairies” is a lovely cover of the Zelda tune in a very Celtic style. Listening to this song, the instruments used in this piece make it sound like you’re entering a fairy wonderland of sorts.

Being an enthusiast for the classic tune, the beginning of this remix is my favorite part, being a perfect re-orchestration of the Ocarina of Time piece. Of course, that’s not to say I do not enjoy the rest of the song. The amount of skill to improvise so much and prevent it from sounding too foreign from the source is admirable in every sense. Many of these improvisations even make me recall other Zelda tunes — perhaps this was done purposefully? I like to think so.

Again, I must applaud the arrangement of this piece, as the instruments are perfect; the pizzicato strings and flute especially. It really gives off a fantasy element, as it should given a title such as Dance of the Fairies. I also love the incorporation of the harp, as if Sheik is a part of the orchestration.

RebeeccaETripp is an imaginative musician who has many other covers and medleys dedicated to The Legend of Zelda, all of which are absolutely worth listening to.

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