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Throwback Thursday: The wait for Twilight Princess
By Stephanie Cusumano on May 18th, 2017 3
In all the time I have been a Zelda fan, waiting for a new game to come out has been an experience in itself. There’s always that excitement building up inside as the day gets...
Throwback Thursday: Crossbow training takedown
By Stephanie Cusumano on April 27th, 2017 2
Link’s Crossbow Training isn’t a game usually discussed by many fans. Why? Because it’s a spinoff game. It’s not really important to the timeline or really even a full...
Throwback Thursday: My noble steed
By Stephanie Cusumano on April 20th, 2017 0
I have a very overactive imagination, and I’ve been this way ever since I was little. My introduction to Nintendo and all of its wonderful series have expanded my imaginary...
Too much Tingle? The fans evaluate Tingle
By Stephanie Cusumano on April 18th, 2017 7
"Tingle, Tingle! Kooloo-Limpah!...These are the magic words that Tingle created himself. Don't steal them!" ...But of course, what Zelda fan hasn’t uttered these words at...
The legacy of the maiden in the sword
By Stephanie Cusumano on April 11th, 2017 7
Spoiler Warning This article contains spoilers regarding the story of Breath of the Wild. If you don't wish to spoil details from the game, perhaps you should wait until later...
Music Monday: Enter the Deku palace
By Stephanie Cusumano on April 3rd, 2017 0
The Deku Palace has always held a special place in my memories of Majora’s Mask. It’s most likely because of the hundreds of times I’ve played through this phase of the game...
Throwback Thursday: Getting into the game
By Stephanie Cusumano on March 23rd, 2017 0
Arbiter’s Grounds has always been one of my favorite Zelda dungeons to play through, and each time I tread through the cursed grounds I always find myself completely immersed in...
Fanart Friday Special: Wild fanart
By Stephanie Cusumano on March 3rd, 2017 0
This is my last article before finally playing Breath of the Wild, and yet we’ve had so much for it though it has not been released. While I am already thrilled to finally have...
Music Monday: Light World Dungeon
By Stephanie Cusumano on February 27th, 2017 0
Recently, I have been learning to become a Dungeon Master for Dungeons & Dragons, and one of the things that help me most when I’m trying to think of ideas is music -- more...
Throwback Thursday: Big Octo mistake
By Stephanie Cusumano on February 16th, 2017 3
“If you see seagulls flying all around some sea water, that's a sign that you need to be wary, fry. Because the seagulls flock to wherever Big Octos appear... BIG OCTOS, I tell...
Valentine’s Day: A ZeLink appreciation post
By Stephanie Cusumano on February 14th, 2017 5
From the beginning, I have always been a fan of a princess and her hero falling in love and living happily ever after, and that was no different when I was introduced to The...
Fan Art Friday: Retro Cuties
By Stephanie Cusumano on February 3rd, 2017 2
I must admit, I’m a little old-fashioned; I love to see the hero and the princess fall in love at the end of a story, and this is wonderfully portrayed by Pineapplelicious in...
Throwback Thursday: An Elf on the Subway
By Stephanie Cusumano on January 26th, 2017 1
When you’re in a cosplay, the last thing you want is for someone to call you a different character than the one you’re dressed as. It’s embarrassing and it’s...
Music Monday: Linebeck’s Guitar
By Stephanie Cusumano on January 9th, 2017 1
Linebeck, as well as being one of my all time favorite Zelda characters, also has one of my favorite theme songs, and YouTube’s 72HoursRemaining made an amazing guitar-only...
Throwback Thursday: Triforce of Savings
By Stephanie Cusumano on December 29th, 2016 0
I am a collector of Zelda merchandise. I am also cheap. Usually, those things don’t tend to go together, but every so often, a miracle happens. There is a sale! Now I’ve...