Tensions are high among Nintendo fans who have yet to be given any information on the Nintendo NX, which is due to release in less than a year, and now a new rumour has arisen to leave fans with more questions and speculations than answers. According to Eurogamer, several sources have confirmed that the Nintendo NX will be a hybrid between a home console and a portable one, meaning you will apparently be able to play Breath of the Wild on the streets and on the go.

When the console is taken on the go, the console itself will serve as your controller, which will have a screen with detachable controllers on each side. If you have trouble picturing that, imagine a Wii U GamePad where you can remove the buttons and joysticks on each side to use as a Wii remote.


When used as a home console, plugging in the console to the TV is all you need to enjoy it like any other console out there, which will be done through a base unit located within the controller.

Eurogamer also claims the rumours of the use of cartridges to be true, and adds that due to this, there will be no options for backwards compatibility with the Wii U. Eurogamer also expects the new console to finally be revealed this upcoming September.

These rumours certainly spark one’s imagination on just how this new console might look and work, but in the end, no matter how much we speculate or read about in the internet, it always comes to simply having to wait and seeing the console ourselves whenever Nintendo decides to reveal it.

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  • James Patrick

    Im just pretty damn excited, Nintendo continues to break my ⚽️?? and make me wait, but I know it will be worth it for Breath of the Wild

  • fuchencho

    It sucks that you can’t play wii u games on it? I never bought a wii u but just recently bought TPHD & WWHD thinking I would be able to play them on the nx. Fml ?

    • James Patrick

      With the decision to go back to cardtridge-based games i believe that is the reason for the incompatibility, definitely sucks though fo sho

    • True Davad

      It is still just a rumor remember, we can’t be certain. Until Nintendo says it is true it is just a rumor.

  • Ryan Haney

    If this is true, games on cards certainly makes more sense than a spinning disk drive.

    • Ryan Haney

      P.S. I really like the idea of a Wii Remote/Nunchuk & Wii U GamePad combination