Attention, British people! If you’re a Japan enthusiast, then you can’t miss your chance to experience Japanese culture at Hyper Japan! What’s even better is the fact that Nintendo UK will be attending this grandiose event as well! This event will be held in Olympia, London from July 15-17. The event will be bringing all things related to Japan, and it wouldn’t be complete without Nintendo in it!

Nintendo UK has many events planned for this expo, including YO-KAI WATCH gameplay, a Fire Emblem cosplay contest, a wide selection of 3DS games to play, among other things. For Pokemon fans, this will also be your chance to get your hands on a shiny, level 100 Xerneas. Certainly, it won’t be a boring time for you and your friends, should you go. You can find all the information on Nintendo UK’s appearance and other things at their website.

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