With Twilight Princess HD now out the door, Nintendo have shifted their promotion focus on the upcoming expanded 3DS spin-off, Hyrule Warriors Legends. While this new trailer’s title of “Let Batlle Commence!” may have you believe that the main attraction here is the high octane, sword-slashing action gameplay, I actually found another aspect more interesting.

The trailer offers a small gameplay snippet of “My Fairy”, a new feature in Legends that allows you to find Fairies on the battlefield and befriend them. By customising them and feeding them, they can assist you in your fight against evil. It’s something with only seen screenshots of prior to now, so it’s interesting to see the new system in motion. Though brief, you can see a Fairy called Salon, equipped with Kokiri clothes and a “Wind aura”, help Link blow away his enemies.

There are also of course the new characters, stages, weapons and more packed into the almost-three-minute video, though it’s mostly stuff we’ve seen before. Hyrule Warriors Legends is launching on March 24 in the UK, and the following day in the US.