Yesterday’s Nintendo Direct gave us some nice surprises, with several being Zelda-related. The first was the announcement of Twilight Princess HD, coming to the Wii U March 4. All princesses need accessories and this one is getting a gorgeous new Amiibo of Wolf Link and Midna. Reggie also mentioned that the Amiibo will be compatible for Zelda Wii U, which according to yesterday’s Direct, will be out in 2016.


In the art book for Hyrule Warriors, we saw the concept art for a character named Linkle, who looks, well, like a girl version of Link. While the character wasn’t included in the Wii U version, she will be making her debut in Hyrule Warriors Legends for the 3DS. Don’t let those blonde pigtails fool you, Linkle is as fierce as she is cute. Living in a Cucco-filled village, she has to hold her own against those vicious cluckers. She fights with a crossbow in each hand and delivers a spin-kick attack to take down surrounding enemies.


It looks like those data-miners were right about the DLC coming to Tri Force Heroes. The Den of Trials is a free update coming December 2 that includes over 30 stages. Completing the Den of Trials is pretty intense. In order to advance to the next stage, players will have to defeat every single enemy you encounter. A couple of new costumes are also being added. The Linebeck’s Uniform allows you to see the contents of treasure chests before opening them, and the Fierce Deity Armor increases your attack power and shoots beams in four directions.

You can watch yesterday’s Nintendo Direct in its entirety, below.