Considering its assortment of costumes and levels to explore, Tri Force Heroes is a game that could benefit from DLC. Based on the findings from The Cutting Room Floor’s data miners, there’s evidence to suggest DLC could be making its way to Tri Force Heroes.

The following are bits of dialogue from The Great Tripini that they managed to tap in and find deep within the game:

“You’ll have to pay to, ah…access the new areas… On the other hand, the latest update is free, so… You, uh, you wanna download that update, buddy?”

“Okay, let’s get real now. A new area of the Drablands is now available for purchase from Nintendo eShop. Would you like to go to Nintendo eShop to get more information?”

“You can’t go to Nintendo eShop if you don’t, ah, save first, buddy. Well, let ol’ Trip know when you change your mind, all right?”

“To play the add-on content, a software update is required. Close the software and download the latest update from Nintendo eShop?”

Aside from new levels, it also appears there might be more costumes coming. They found five spaces labeled labeled as “sys_costume_dlc_02” up through “sys_costume_dlc_06,” indicating possible costume DLC.

Nothing has been confirmed by Nintendo regarding the DLC, but it looks like these data miners have found some pretty solid grounds to backup the claim. What kind of DLC would you like to see?  

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