If rare Zelda items are your thing, then this might pique your interest, big time. Clyde Mandelin, the same person who is working hard to bring his Legends of Localization book to us, got his hands on this amazing Japan-only Zelda board game.

The board game is really small in size, smaller than that of a cereal box. However, upon opening the box, the board itself is of considerable size. The game is reminiscent of Hyrule Warriors, with the map of the original Legend of Zelda divided into blocks, accompanied by an item on each particular block. Some cards seem to hint that the goal of the game is to gather all eight pieces of the Triforce, much like the original game for the NES.

Clyde got the game in order to implement it into his Legends of Localization book to be released sometime between November and December, which we covered here. This is just another good reason to go buy his book when it is released!