If you have ever wondered just what differences are there between the North American and Japanese versions of the original Legend of Zelda game, well then Legends of Localization is the book for you!

Clyde Mandelin, a game programmer, as well as the official translator for Mother 3 and FUNimation, has started his very own project, Legends of Localization, in order to bring fans like you and I a chance to find out just how different the Japanese and American versions of the original Legend of Zelda are! Starting from the localization process, Mandelin branches out into graphical changes, audio changes, as well as secret tricks removed from the American version. But that is not all; besides all the aforementioned things, Mandelin will also be diving into the differences between instruction manuals, releases, and even their cultural reception, giving fans a full, in-depth book of how the American version of the game we all came to love managed to reach our houses.

Legends of Localization isn’t just limited to the Legend of Zelda series either. Mandelin has done this for other series like Final Fantasy IV, EarthBound, and the original Super Mario Bros. This is, however, the first time this idea has been made into a book. Mandelin is collaborating with Fangamer designer, Tony, in order to make this book happen, and, while he’s said he can’t share any more information yet, he has released a video with some pictures and additional information on the book.

The book is expected to be released by November or December of this year, with pre-orders starting on October. Pre-order bonuses will also be available, but are not final. The bonuses so far are as follows:

  • Autographed book
  • Small art book using art created by Mandelin himself
  • Japanese-to-English dictionary for those who wish to play the Japanese version themselves
Once again, these bonuses are not final, and may be subject to change. If you are interested, you can sign up to be notified when pre-orders become available here. Clyde Mandelin is already working on a book for Zelda II, as well as one for Earthbound, so Legends of Localizatoion could be a great starting point.
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