Hey everyone, pretend to act surprised: it’s that new Zelda game that leaked last week! The 3DS port of Hyrule Warriors, now officially titled Hyrule Warriors Legends, was of course shown in today’s Nintendo Digital Event.

The trailer shown is the exact same as the one we saw last week which Koei Tecmo accidentally let slip. However, as well as the full title, we can now confirm that the game will launch in the first quarter of 2016, as well as some other small details.

If you missed it last week, this new version appears similar to its Wii U counterpart, but with Wind Waker‘s Tetra and the King of Red Lions now included as playable characters. You can check out our previous run-down of the trailer for more information, and the official Digital Event trailer below.

There is also a brief discussion of the game between Producer Eiji Aonuma and Director Hiromasa Shikata in the full presentation (below), starting from the 21:02 mark. Interestingly, Aonuma describes the game as “a re-imagining” of the original Hyrule Warriors, rather than a simple port or enhanced version.  He also confirms that all of the previous Hyrule Warriors downloadable content packs will be included in Legends.

As well as the new characters, Aonuma revealed that there will be new Wind Waker stages added to the game, which has got me extremely excited. Perhaps we’ll get to do battle on Dragon Roost Island, or the Forsaken Fortress?