If you’ve been a veteran Smash fan since the days of Brawl or even Melee, then Hyrule Temple is likely a very memorable stage for you as it is to me. Due to its sheer size, unique form, tricky platforms and that underground area where critically damaged fighters are sent violently bouncing when struck, it’s an incredibly fun place to do battle. Then there’s obviously the fact that it’s Zelda-themed and has great music, which also helps. It’s no wonder the stage was brought back yet again for Smash Wii U.

If you played on this stage half as long and intensely as I have across the last decade and beyond, you have probably witnessed or even performed awesome acts of recovery after being sent flying to your would-be demise. Your rival has sent you plummetting off of the far-right edge — but wait! They didn’t consider that lower platform down below to save you in your desperate and epic bid to stay alive. This is known by many Smash players as the “Hyrule Jump“.

Making the jump from the lower platform to the higher edge is a much more difficult task

Although some are more difficult than others (I’m looking at you, Little Mac), it’s possible to make this jump with all characters if you manoeuvre them correctly. The real challenge comes in when you try to perform the reverse. YouTube user Master0fHyrule has made an interesting compilation video wherein he puts each of Smash Wii U‘s fighters to the test, attempting the Hyrule Jump from both ways.

Making the jump from the lower platform to the higher edge is a much more difficult task, with less than half of the roster able to overcome this feat. I’ll leave you to find out which characters can make it for yourself, but I’ll happily report that Toon Link is able to make the jump. It makes sense, of course; Toon Link is scientifically proven to be the best Link, and this video just contributes more evidence of this.

Be sure to also check out the video description, as Master0fHyrule challenged viewers: “If you think it’s possible for a character to make the jump […] post a video in the comments!” Through the links provided, you’ll find that many of the characters that failed the jump in this video were able to make it after all in the hands of other players, after many, many attempts.

So yeah, okay, this means that regular Link is actually able to make the jump too. Doesn’t matter. Toon Link is still clearly the greatest.