In Monterrey, Mexico, the medicine department at Universidad de Nuevo Leon got a Hylian makeover as part of their annual fair. Notris FX, a studio whose specialty is sci-fi and fantasy reproductions, built a jaw-dropping Zelda display with life-size statues, multiple shield replicas, and a beautiful mural.

With sculptures of Zant, Darunia and Link, it’s almost like the campus transformed into the Hyrule Warriors battlefield! Be sure to check out the incredible photos, courtesy of Rene Rosales Leos, below.








Thanks to Andres on Twitter for the heads-up, and Rene Rosales Leos on Facebook for the photos in this post.

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  • LuisGer9rdo

    I am from nuevo leon! So glad!! 😀

  • Karlo Ortega

    Wow I’m a fan of this page and in all the years I’ve never seen something from my hometown, so nice you guys put it up! Love ZU

  • Ryan Haney

    Wow those are great! I really love the shield wall.