Various retailers are offering exclusive DLC for Hyrule Warriors. For example, pre-ordering the game from Best Buy will get you a download for a couple of Skyward Sword outfits that Link and Zelda can wear, while Amazon and GameStop are offering Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time costumes respectively.

On September 26, the Hyrule Warriors launch date for the US, Nintendo is releasing free DLC that contains a new gaming mode, a weapon, and a new music feature allowing players to choose which song they want to hear. This DLC is available to anyone who purchases the game, as it’s not exclusive to a particular retailer. For those of you want who want to download all of the pre-order bonus costumes, those will become available for purchase at some point in the future.

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  • NasiDe

    I see everything in the title… except ‘it’s free for everybody.’ Especially since it says the downloads will be available ‘for purchase.’

    • Andre Taco Boy Schneehage

      if i read it correctly, there will be some DLC that is going to be free for everybody, and the “special” DLC’s the shops offer with the pre order will be available for separate purchase later on in time so you don’t HAVE to pre order to get them or have to pre order multiple instances of the game to get them all.

    • doubleO7

      The article title is rather confusing. It means the extra content included with the latest patch (new sword, mode, music feature), not the actual costumes.

  • Dray

    They will release the costume DLC later down the line

  • Shane Drinkard

    as long as i don’t have to give money to gamestop i’ll happily pay for the costumes

  • Billy Snell

    Does this also go to European games as well? Or is this just for America.

  • Ivy Gal

    Anyone knows if the new DLC is time limited or only day one?