Nintendo World Report have been uploading some very appealing content to their YouTube channel of late, providing us with new footage of Super Smash Bros. for 3DS. The team have provided gameplay for multiple stages of the game, and were even kind enough to include direct-feed 3DS audio!

The most interesting out of the bunch is the Gerudo Valley stage. Before we even touch on what’s happening in the game, it has to be said that that arrangement of the Gerudo Valley theme sounds fantastic.

Some time into the battle, the bridge collapses, leaving a hazardous pit in the centre of the stage. Koume and Kotake fly around above, with the former casting flames across the entire left side of the stage. It remains to be seen if Kotake will also affect the environment in some way; perhaps she’ll cast icicles all over the right side of the stage?

You can also catch similar brief gameplay snippets for the stages Reset Bomb Forest, Golden Plains, Arena Ferox and Battlefield on Nintendo World Report.