The upcoming Super Smash Bros. 4 is filled with Zelda characters, items and stages. After the recent Nintendo Direct, it’s time for a rundown of all the Zelda elements we can expect to see in the upcoming games.



A veteran fighter, Link is fully prepared carrying his Claw Shot, Master Sword, Hylian Shield and Bow. His downward aerial attack is just as devastating as before, and watch out for his spin attack!

super smash zelda

Beautiful as ever, Princess Zelda joins the fight clad in her Twilight Princess styled garb. New to Super Smash Bros. 4 is her special attack, the Phantom Slash. This summons a phantom that works as either attack or defense. Be careful though, this attack will backfire if your opponent reflects the phantom back at you!

sheik super smash

Just announced in the latest Nintendo Direct is Zelda’s alter ego, Sheik. A swift fighter, Sheik has learned some new moves — the bouncing fish which is an acrobatic kick, and burst grenade.

Super Smash Bros. 4 - Toon Link 3

Toon Link makes his return after appearing in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Don’t let his cuteness full you as he taunts the others using his Wind Waker baton. He’ll bombard you with bombs, but if you’re quick you can catch them and throw them back at  him.



Just like in the Zelda series, the fairy in a bottle is a recovery item. These life-savers can heal over 100% damage.


New to Super Smash Bros. is Skyward Sword’s Beetle. This item can be used to attack opponents by carrying them up into the air.

bunny hood

A series regular, the Bunny Hood is back. Just like in previous versions, donning the Bunny Hood enables you to jump higher and run faster.

gust bellows

Another newcomer to Super Smash Bros. is the Gust Bellows from Skyward Sword. Using this weapon, you can literally blow your opponents away. If you drop it, get ready for total chaos as it blasts in multiple directions.


The Ocarina of Time/Majora’s Mask styled Bombchu can travel up walls and even upside down, blasting your enemies (or any other solid object) upon contact.




Gerudo Valley from Ocarina of Tme is one of two Zelda stages found on the 3DS version. Hazards include fire and a collapsing bridge. You can also expect a cameo appearance by those grannies, Kotake and Koume.

spirit tracks

The other Zelda stage to appear on the 3DS version is the Spirit Train. Conducted by Alfonzo, this train comes straight out of Spirit Tracks. 

Super Smash Bros - Skyloft

Another one of several Skyward Sword entries is Skyloft. This stage is exclusive to the Wii U version. The players fight while traveling across the stage on moving platforms.


skull kid

Skull Kid must feel bad about all the trouble he caused in Termina as he tries to redeem himself by becoming an Assist Trophy. As a bonus, this gives us an idea at how amazing Majora’s Mask would look in HD!


As one of Link’s companions, the sassy Midna from Twilight Princess has experienced plenty of battles. She uses her magic to aide her summoner.

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 4.32.18 PM

There is a 99.9 percent chance you can find a Fi trophy from Skyward Sword in Super Smash Bros 4. Another one of Link’s companions, she is one of many trophies you can earn in the game.

Super Smash Bros. 4 - Saria Trophy

The kind-hearted Saria, Link’s childhood best friend from Ocarina of Time, can also be found in trophy form.

  • Jeff Griffith

    Come on, you JUST said it
    Remake Majora’s Mask already!!!!

    • VladNorris

      Yeah…no. Nintendo doesn’t see the potential on it. As simple as that.

      • MaiamaiHunt

        Can’t tell yet. We have to remain hopeful!

        • VladNorris

          They just don’t see it. People need to gather people if they want it to happen. It’s like Axle said: they’re asking for proof and Operation Moonfall gives them merely 40k likes on Facebook.

          • MaiamaiHunt

            Let’s gather people, then! I think that Nintendo will make the game if enough people want it. It wouldn’t be hard to make, so why not?

          • VladNorris

            That’s the problem. Those enough people haven’t shown yet.
            If you can gather them, then do it.

          • BOB the Cucco

            I join you. some people don’t know it’s a continue to Ocarina of time.

  • Still really bummed they chose to make Midna an assist trophy instead of a fighter. She had so much potential :T Also, pretty sure Fi and Saria are just trophies, and not assist trophies.

    • JaidynReiman

      I think Midna could’ve been interesting, but she’s another one of those characters who comes and goes unfortunately. Only people who have played that one specific game would have any connections with her.

      I really honestly think that if there’s a sixth Zelda character, it’d be a more recurring character (Impa, Vaati, god-forbid Tingle), but who knows, maybe Sakurai will prove me wrong.

      • I hate to admit it, as I’m a huge Midna fan, but you got a point.

        • JaidynReiman

          Honestly, I think the fact that Midna is an Assist Trophy is pretty good. A lot of people were suggesting Skull Kid as well, and both made it as Assists.

          My favorite Zelda character is nothing but a trophy… 😛 Not that I expected her to get anything higher, she’s only appeared in one game with minor references in two others.

  • JaidynReiman

    Yeah, there’s a mistake in the article, Fi and Saria are only Trophies.

    I am curious who they could pick for a new Zelda character, if they were to pick one. The Zelda cast is constantly shifting around, we have the main cast now (Ganondorf is sure to be back as well since he was in the past two games).

    At least in most other franchises the casts don’t really shift around too much.

  • VladNorris

    Just hoping the buffs to Link are consistent and useful, not BS of “oh, we buff this yet nerf him in other three categories”.
    But oh well, I’m a little more relieved this game’s gonna be more balanced(Namco, you do what Sakurai doesn’t)….or at least if Little Mac isn’t as broken as I’m expecting him to be.

  • Benjamin Blaine West

    Don’t forget the Bombchu!!!

  • Flovnat

    What about the bombchu?

  • Björn Blizzard Frykmo


    • Zeltra

      there should definitely be an assist like that! all they would do is fly around the stage aimlessly and attack all other players. nice thought there.

  • 17Haru17 .

    I just noticed this, is Ganondorf not returning? That’d be pretty weak.

    • Billy McCliman

      i hope they bring back Ganondorf! If not, Nintendo should bring in Demise from Skyward Sword!

      • Rustin

        And Ghirahim could be his Final Smash!

  • Redmagpie93

    Yea Bombchu, Heart Container, Cuckoos have all been shown in footage and/or screenshots

  • CEObrainz

    This is more of an overview than a guide, but it would it not have been better to wait until the release of the game? I expect that someone is probably working on that behind the scenes so that it takes as little time as possible to release info on the game.

    I’m still wondering if I’m hosting my ZU Smash tournament on the 3DS( since it has online) or wait for the Wii U release…

  • Amanda

    How on earth I left out the Bombchu is beyond me, but it’s in there now! The only reason I didn’t include the Cuccos is while we know they are in the game, it hasn’t been officially confirmed in what capacity, though I’m assuming they are Assist Trophies. Also, Fi and Saria as trophies has been corrected, I suppose it was wishful thinking on my part for Fi to be useful for once.

  • Zachary Leach

    Of all the many things, I’m glad to see so many more Zelda themed items, and an additional Zelda character too. The stages look fantastic too, and with two more assist trophies than the previous games, it looks like Zelda is a stronger presence in this Smash Bros game. However, is anyone else shocked by the lack of a ALBW stage on the 3DS version? Either way, this Smash Bros game looks great, and I’m more than willing to buy both versions.

    Edit: Also, I’m kinda shocked they never really made a hint at Link’s ability to become a wolf (in TP of course), or any move related to it, so I’m still kinda bummed out about that… Again, game looks great still, and thanks for the post to organize all Zelda based content!

  • True Hylian Hero

    I am still disappointed that I cannot switch between Zelda and Sheik
    anymore. It was so fun to do. Meanwhile, the people who preferred Sheik to never be Zelda at all are having field trip with this, instead (if you saw the fanwork). This is why we can’t have nice things.

  • BOB the Cucco

    Make Link able to turn into a Wolf already!

  • Windwaker47

    Gerudo Valley

  • Windwaker47

    Love that place not only because of the place itself, but because of the music!