Whether it’s a birthday, good grade on a test, or simply making it through another day, there’s always a reason to celebrate. Even heroes need to cut loose every now and then. So put on those dancing shoes and party it up this Music Monday with Zelda Universe!

Amanda’s pick:

If anyone knows how to party, it’s the Gorons. Those dancin’ fools bring a whole new meaning to rock & roll. Here’s a fun mashup created by munnimann of Ocarina of Time’s Goron City theme and the music from Death Mountain in Twilight Princess.

Mark’s pick:

Most would probably not pick this tune out for a party, but I think you’ll agree with this particular remix. Benjamin Briggs has done many video game music remixes, and this is one of his finest. ‘Farore Lies In Wait’ is an incredible party remix of the Forest music from A Link to the Past. Seriously, this song makes me want to stand on my chair and dance!