It appears that YouTube videos containing Nintendo-based content are once again receiving copyright claims. Twitter user Josh Thomas tweeted that he received copyright disputes on YouTube for his video on Mario Party: Island Tour. This isn’t the first time that something like this has happened either, though this time it may not be Nintendo’s fault at all. So what’s going on? Find out more after the jump.

If Nintendo isn’t to blame for these copyright claims, then who is? Well, it’s a bit complicated. According to Nintendo Enthusiast, it is likely a result of YouTube’s new policies. A few months ago, YouTube reviewed their rules for partners and affiliates after the National Music Publishers Association sued the network Fullscreen for copyright violations. As a side effect, YouTube decided to place all of their videos through a Content ID matching sweep (it is still ongoing as of this article’s publishing date).

Coincidentally, this sweeping search affects videos of people that are commissioned by the video makers themselves. Popular YouTubers that are commissioned by Nintendo to create video content such as GameXplain and BlackNerdComedy are also being affected by these policies. Though Nintendo appears to be innocent in this mess, they have not yet commented on the situation.

YouTube’s policy changes have resulted in quite a mess. From the integration of Google+, the new comment system, and now this mess, there are quite a few problems that have resulted from all these changing policies. What do you all think of this? Feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments.

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Sources: IGNGoNintendo, Nintendo Enthusiast
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