Crashmo Link puzzle

If you’re one of many who recently picked up a 3DS for A Link Between Worlds, another game I’d recommend would be Crashmo (or Fallblox as its known in Europe), sequel to the equally fun Pushmo (or Pullblox). It’s a very tricky but highly addictive puzzler on the eShop, and not only does it have hundreds of levels on offer, Nintendo also regularly releases DLC for the game too. The latest downloadable puzzle features Link and the Triforce, commemorating the launch of ALBW.

Nintendo is distributing this puzzle at Nintendo Zone WiFi hotspots (you can find your nearest one here) until November 30th. Alternatively, you don’t have to leave your chair! To save you the trip and to give readers outside of the US a chance to download the puzzle (it’s not clear if this will also be available outside of the US), you can use the QR code above thanks to GoNintendo. Just go to the Studio, select a blank slot, click “read QR code” and then scan the code with your 3DS camera. Enjoy!

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Source: GoNintendo
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