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“You’ll never forget your first Zelda game,” Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime says. As a long-time Zelda fan, he is thrilled about the November 22nd release of A Link Between Worlds, the sequel to his favorite video game of all time. He envies all the newbies, getting to experience Zelda for the very first time. Wearing Link on his lapel, Reggie gets things started by showing us a brand new ALBW trailer. The video and more (including spoilers) are after the jump!

[Editor’s note: There is a major spoiler in the video below between 02:00-02:13. It seems relatively safe until that point, though. -Reece]

Bill Trinen of Nintendo of America’s Treehouse announces that, starting today, Nintendo’s Instagram page will host a series of four 15-second trailers in anticipation of the November 22nd launch.

Trinen goes on to reveal more information on the new characters found in ALBW. First off is Irene, the witch. Once she hears that helping someone clad in green attire will bring her good luck, she offers Link a ride on her broomstick. Tapping the bell on the touch screen calls for Irene’s broom to appear and carry Link wherever he chooses, even if he is in Lorule.

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Seres, the sanctuary priest’s kind-hearted daughter, becomes Yuga’s initial target. We’ve seen in previous trailers her entrapment inside a painting.


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We also learn about a Milk Bar owner who appears to be setting up a side quest for our hero. In order to get there, however, you’re going to need Zora’s Flippers!

Milk bar

Zora flippers

ALBW takes advantage of the StreetPass feature. Upon meeting Gramps, you can create a customizable Shadow Link to battle other players via StreetPass. Defeating a Shadow Link earns a bounty of Rupees.


Shadow Link


You can watch today’s Nintendo Direct in its entirety below.

Source: Nintendo Direct