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The iconic music that plays on the title screen of The Legend of Zelda originally wasn’t even intended to be in the game. In fact, Zelda series composer Koji Kondo wanted an arrangement of the famous impressionist piece Bolero by Maurice Ravel was going to be the original music for the title screen and the overworld. Due to the fact that the music was still under copyright, it could not be used in the game.

Because of these legal issues, Koji Kondo had to compose a new piece for the game. The famous overworld and title screen music that we all know and loved was composed but Kondo in a single day. This is quite interesting, as this piece is often considered to be one of the most famous pieces from the Zelda series, and it almost never existed. Though Bolero is a masterpiece, it probably wouldn’t have fitted the original game as well as Kondo’s theme did. So thank you copyright for giving us the famous Zelda theme!


Source: Did You Know Gaming?