Many of you have been waiting for the ability to play your Wii games on the gamepad with the use of the Wii remote. Well, the day has arrived! Even though this is probably the most anticipated feature, there a few others that are encompassed by Nintendo’s latest system update. Keep in mind that it is a pretty hefty update at 700 megabytes. As such, the download time may be a bit longer than expected. Hit the jump to view the full list of features!

A full list of the changes in the update was provided by the folks at My Nintendo News.

  • Wii-only software can be played on the Wii U gamepad with the use of a Wii remote
  • Trial software (including demos) can be automatically received from Nintendo
  • USB keyboard support
  • Smartphones and other devices can be used to manage Nintendo Network ID
  • Dolby Pro Logic II supported by Wii software
  • View friends list from the Wii U menu
  • A headset can be connected to the Wii U gamepad and used for chats
  • Several updates to Internet Browser, including saving passwords and capturing images from games
  • .pdf files can be read from the Wii U
Source: My Nintendo News
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  • Carlos Salinas

    What the….so I can use a Wiimote while the gamepad sits on my lap?? Fabulous!!!! Not so much. I mean, it's cool and all but it ain't no game changer. OK, folks, who is seriously gonna use this?

    • Antonio

      i will.
      the Wii U came with a stand, genius.
      this now makes it so you can still play your Wii games when someone else needs the TV.

  • Carlos Salinas

    Well, the Deluxe version came with a stand. Unfortenately for me, I got the Basic Bundle. I guess it would be nice playing Skyward Sword on the GamePad. That Wii Remote though…

  • TheGrave

    It seems kinda silly if you still need the Wiimote. I mean, I understand that some games, like Skyward Sword and Wii Sports Resort make exclusive use of the Wiimote, but many games could probably be played with the actual gamepad. Hopefully they will implement that in a future update.

    • DarkLink1996

      Gamepad should count as a classic controller/GC Controller.