Wind Waker HD - GamePad Vs. Pro Controller

GameXplain is back with yet another interesting WWHD comparison video, this time helping you decide which controller you might prefer to use with the game. The video notes that both the GamePad and the Pro Controller are very similar, with both featuring the same control stick and button layout. The biggest difference, of course, is the GamePad’s touch screen. As specified before, the GamePad screen gives you access to your inventory, map and Tingle Bottle menus at any time without having to pause the game. The gyro sensor functionality also allows for motion-controlled precision aiming, and you can take the game away from the TV with Off-TV Play mode.

Using the Pro Controller is the only way you can view the map and inventory screen on your TV and in high-definition. Other than that there aren’t really any more advantages over its competitor, though it will surely be a great option for purists who prefer to use a traditional controller like with the original version of the game–plus, you can still use the GamePad touch-screen for map and inventory screen access while you play with the Pro Controller. Check out the video after the jump for a more detailed analysis and a visual demonstration of the two control styles!

Source: GameXplain
  • RPH1

    This is something I was wondering about. I like that the Pro Controller is most like the Gamecube 1, but I think that the item selecting on the GamePad is quite cool. I also like the motion control aiming. Maybe I'll solve it once, one way and then once the other way.

  • drnedaj

    When I use the gamepad I get no menu on the tv??? that's kinda lame. cancel my preorder!

    haha j/k its been shipped already anyway

  • MDH

    I'm going to go with the Pro Controller here. I like taking a moment to pause the game and pick out my items/gather my thoughts. The Gamepad works great in games like Pikmin 3 where having the map/various information and on-TV action available simultaneously but I feel like the Pro Controller is more comfortable for WWHD.

    I'm looking forward however to the integral role the Gamepad will most likely play for Zelda U.