Nintendo is addressing one of the most common complaints about The Wind Waker, stating that a complete overhaul of the tedious, late-game quest for the Triforce of Courage shards would be a key change in The Wind Waker HD.

More info after the jump about how the hunt for the Triforce will be streamlined in The Wind Waker HD.

Even supporters of Link’s GameCube adventure have called this portion of the game a poorly-paced, repetitive fetch quest. Aware of its critics, Nintendo has taken steps to revamp the Triforce Quest while still remaining faithful to the original game. In The Wind Waker, hunting for the Triforce’s scattered shards was a three-step process. First, players had to locate eight hidden Triforce charts, and then pay Tingle the steep price of 398 Rupees to translate each chart. Finally, with a readable map in hand, they would set out to the location of the shard and use the Salvage Arm to raise it from the seafloor. For the Wind Waker HD remake, this time-consuming process has been cut down significantly. Only three out of the eight pieces of the Triforce of Courage will require translated charts, according to a Nintendo representative. The remaining five can now be grabbed directly, greatly reducing the amount of repetitive busy work involved in completing the quest.

Another one of the main components of The Wind Waker’s gameplay was taking to the high seas in a sailboat. Some players were not fond of the amount of time spent sailing around aimlessly, and were further annoyed with being forced to set sail on an extended fetch quest. Nintendo addressed this problem by including the Swift Sail in the Wii U version of the game. Together with a streamlined Triforce quest, the amount of time spent sailing will be greatly reduced.

This isn’t the first time Nintendo has addressed fan complaints. Eiji Aonuma, video game designer for Nintendo, apologized for the difficulty level of Ocarina of Time’s Water Temple, and made sure the game’s 3DS version had modifications in place to make navigating one of the most difficult temples in the game’s history more fair and enjoyable for players. (For the record, I was stuck inside the Water Temple for three agonizing months.)

With these changes set in place for the Triforce quest in The Wind Waker HD, Nintendo has once again proven that it cares about fans and welcomes player input on game remakes.

Do you think these changes improve the games? Or do they detract from the integrity of the originals?

Source: IGN
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