Nintendo is addressing one of the most common complaints about The Wind Waker, stating that a complete overhaul of the tedious, late-game quest for the Triforce of Courage shards would be a key change in The Wind Waker HD.

More info after the jump about how the hunt for the Triforce will be streamlined in The Wind Waker HD.

Even supporters of Link’s GameCube adventure have called this portion of the game a poorly-paced, repetitive fetch quest. Aware of its critics, Nintendo has taken steps to revamp the Triforce Quest while still remaining faithful to the original game. In The Wind Waker, hunting for the Triforce’s scattered shards was a three-step process. First, players had to locate eight hidden Triforce charts, and then pay Tingle the steep price of 398 Rupees to translate each chart. Finally, with a readable map in hand, they would set out to the location of the shard and use the Salvage Arm to raise it from the seafloor. For the Wind Waker HD remake, this time-consuming process has been cut down significantly. Only three out of the eight pieces of the Triforce of Courage will require translated charts, according to a Nintendo representative. The remaining five can now be grabbed directly, greatly reducing the amount of repetitive busy work involved in completing the quest.

Another one of the main components of The Wind Waker’s gameplay was taking to the high seas in a sailboat. Some players were not fond of the amount of time spent sailing around aimlessly, and were further annoyed with being forced to set sail on an extended fetch quest. Nintendo addressed this problem by including the Swift Sail in the Wii U version of the game. Together with a streamlined Triforce quest, the amount of time spent sailing will be greatly reduced.

This isn’t the first time Nintendo has addressed fan complaints. Eiji Aonuma, video game designer for Nintendo, apologized for the difficulty level of Ocarina of Time’s Water Temple, and made sure the game’s 3DS version had modifications in place to make navigating one of the most difficult temples in the game’s history more fair and enjoyable for players. (For the record, I was stuck inside the Water Temple for three agonizing months.)

With these changes set in place for the Triforce quest in The Wind Waker HD, Nintendo has once again proven that it cares about fans and welcomes player input on game remakes.

Do you think these changes improve the games? Or do they detract from the integrity of the originals?

Source: IGN
Via: Zelda Dungeon
  • chris clifford

    me personally the time consuming sailing and the big quest for the triforce shards didnt bother me, but ive heard alot of complaints about it and i think its a great idea to adress these complaints

    • Josh

      I am the same, but seeing Nintendo take the step for the majority makes me respect them even more. Plus if I want to experience it again I'll just play the original

  • MikeL

    The real problem with the triforce hunt was that it was placed as the third act of the game. If they would've simply put it in between the "minor dungeons" act and the "major dungeons" act it wouldn't have felt as such an anti-climax.
    Shortening it is good but I hope they've put some other challenge in there, just making the game shorter seems like a poor solution. Hopefully the ghost ship is at least a mini dungeon, instead of the generic submarine room. I'm kinda certain the ghost ship was supposed to be a dungeon but was scrapped and its concepts evolved into the ghost ship of PH and/or sand ship of SS but maybe they have something up their sleeves.

    • Christian

      I would really like to see that. especially since it was just such an amazing and creepy experience to find that forsaken ship for the first time in the game playing it way back on the Gamecube! Especially with how the atmosphere changes and it begins to storm and such really added to the effect! Nintendo really knew how to make it frightening. Adding that, even as an optional mini-dungeon would just leave me in awe! There could be so much potential for something like that. Maybe even certain puzzles that are unique in some way to the Wii U version kinda like the colour dungeon for Link's Awakening DX. I really wish they would do that although sadly I have a strong feeling they won't. 🙁

  • Deimos

    The water temple for the 64 wasnt that bad in my opinion.

    • DarkLink1996

      That's why the only changes were cosmetic, so the original wasn't impeded upon.

    • an oridary fox

      i agree

  • rif

    Lol, I LOVED exploring the great sea, so the triforce thing was actually fun for me. I'm weird 😛

  • Tony

    I have never heard anyone complain about this before, I took that as my free time to explore the other islands and find heart pieces I was missing. And honestly don't get me started with the water temple, it wasn't as hard as everyone complains that it is.

  • wandersage

    I never had that much trouble with the water temple, sure switching boots back and forth was annoying, but the temple itself didn't seem any more difficult than any other. The only problem Zelda has consistently is issues with game flow. It started with the "hey listen" in OOT, and has continued in every other major title since. (You don't need to tell me what a new treasure is EVERY time I turn of my wii and start to play again, I know what a Jelly Blob is, you don't need to interrupt the entire game to give me the same unskipable paragraph description you've given me a hundred times already) they had this same problem with Rupies every time you got a new color in TP. After I have learned the game play mechanics and the new vocabulary, then I don't want to be reminded of it over and over and over, I want to sprint, jump, climb, collect treasures, fight bosses, and save the day as seamlessly as possible. all those little interruptions take me out of the game and remind me I'm just a guy in his underwear on my couch, not a bad ass warrior saving the world from the ultimate timeless evil.

  • Crusade

    I was stuck on the water temple for a total of about 3 hours.

    It isn't that hard people, go back and play it again. I'm 90% sure you'll breeze through the temples with ease.

  • John

    I don't understand some Zelda fans, when twilight princess came out they were complaining about how easy the bosses and dungeons were and when a more challenging Zelda comes out finally, fans complain because it's too hard, personally I prefer hard challenging Zelda games

    • SnorlaxMonster

      The complaints are not that it was "too hard"; rather, that it was extremely tedious. Challenging is fun; tedious is boring.

  • D.C.

    The water temple was awesome! I had to complete it for a friend because he couldn't do it. I still give him crap about it to this day.

  • RPH1

    I thought I played slow, but 3 months on 1 dungeon, wow! I got my N64 at a day after Christmas sale, 1998, to play Z:OoT. I solved it the night after the last final exam, in May. I solved the Water Temple after my last class of the afternoon, and before the dorm cafeteria stopped serving dinner, at 7:30pm. I look around at the graphics, listen to the music, read what Navi or Fi have to say and just take my time.

    I, too, liked exploring while getting the Triforce shards. I was glad to give Tingle some rupees since my wallet was always full.

  • zez

    the extra dungeons that were originally supposed to be in the game or gtfo

    • DarkLink1996

      Are in other Zelda games, do you REALLY want to play the sandship in WW?
      Or TP's Water Temple?

  • Jason S

    No matter what they change in this new version, it still will never UNDO what the original game is, so I really don't understand that kind of argument. I might be able to understand it if Ninty raided everyone's GC copy of WW and replaced it with another, but that ain't happening. Plus, they're even making the changes optional for those who want to play the original in HD. Get a life, change-fearing people!

  • Nunya Bidness

    If you
    1) didn’t like sailing around the ocean.

    2) didn’t like looking for treasure on the ocean

    you can’t really say you liked The Wind Waker, right?

    I mean, hating the most significant portion of the game means you hate the game. Don’t make them change it to fit your single note desires.

    • Kitakee

      I don't understand how you've come to that conclusion. Just because people found all the sailing tedious doesn't mean they didn't like the rest of the game. There are many more aspects to it. 🙂

      … like stinky piggy hunting!!!

    • Echon

      I loved the dungeons and the story in Wind Waker. Sailing wasn't so much the problem as it was there was very little to do but admire the expanse of…blue and white above and below while sailing. Most of the time, I could put the controller down and do something else for a couple of minutes without fear of accidentally dying because I'm not paying attention. Cutting down on the amount of time sailing would enable me to more quickly engage in the parts of the game I enjoy.

  • moree

    I found the sailing and triforce hunting pretty relaxing.. it was that moment that you could drop everything and just do random stuff abit 😛
    I finished the original game within a day (without getting all the stuff of course)
    But with a change like this it's possible to finish the game maybe 5 hours quicker.. which i dislike >_>
    Im still not sure if im getting the game.. im really missing the world, but it's another remake where nintendo tries to sell the "stuff they removed" as a "stuff that's added" it bugs me xD..

    • DarkLink1996

      You still go around hunting them, you just find all but 3 in the chests the charts were in.

  • Tareirareirara

    The only annoying problem I had with the water temple from OoT was the way you have to change boots, but the dungeon to me is faaaar from being the hardest one of the series 😮
    And I have to say I'm disappointed in general with Nintendo re-making WW for the wii U, to me the style is perfect for small consoles as the DS and such but not for big consoles, I'd love to see something like TP again for the big consoles, not a Powerpuff Link Cx The idea alone of the fantastic and epic story WW has done with the TP engine makes me drool like mad xD

    • DarkLink1996

      TP was made with the WW engine XD
      TP HD wouldn't have a higher polygon count, as WW doesn't, so it would be pretty ugly on high res.

  • Gladiator hero

    Um the water temple in OOT wasn't that hard its just the fact that things were hidden from first timers besides that it's pretty easy if you know what to do, However it is the longest one if you don't count the double visits from the spirt temple.

    • bob

      Water Temple was confusing, and the first time I did it, I got permanently stuck in it and had to restart my game >.> Way to go playtesters..

  • saburwulf1

    I enjoyed the reinforce hunting but my only problem was the amount of rupees. Sailing was amazing. There was nothing better than hearing the music as I head to random islands. I think they should've kept the quest the same except drop the price for tingle to maybe 200

  • Rock

    Personally i think difficult it was a key piece to make those games different from others. Take off that and it will be a game for children. Most Zelda fans know that a Zelda Game has to be a higher difficulty level. For example, Twilight Princess its much more easier, and actually it was considered a fail and a boring game.

  • TwiliMidona

    I just hope they add some new content that's more action packed to fill the gaps. Ideally, I'm expecting more puzzling mini dungeons (like most others have mentioned + I especially like MikeL's ghost ship idea) to compensate the for the time spent looking for triforce shards under the sea

  • Kaylara

    I have to agree that the Triforce shard quest did get a bit tedious and translating the charts I thought was a waste of time and money.
    I think this improvement is pretty good

  • bob

    Why not throw out Epona in OoT and replace her with quick travel like GW2 b/c it took too long to manually go place to place? The aimless riding upon the open seas, though a cop-out for scrapping some dungeons, was what made WW, WW. It just wouldn't be the same with a speedboat and Tingle telling you where all the Triforce pieces were.

  • You can always start getting Charts and pieces after you get the bait bag and the bombs too. I will have to remember the order I did it in before I list it.

    • MikeL

      That's what I do, that way I only have two more to get after I complete the wind temple. I really wish they would've actually saved the major dungeons for the final third part of the game.

  • Dylan

    I myself found it enjoyable all around the music was awesome the only downfall I had about the game was how the sharks barely gave enough time to get into the boat after being knocked out…….and as for the water temple in any of the Zelda franchise I enjoyed the challenge it makes you think but I would strongly urge to keep the water temple hard only to weed out the weak LoZ players

  • Todd

    Keep it hard to play! thats what LOZ is all about. Losers!

  • rrr

    3 months in the water temple? you must be really idiot lol

  • Russ

    I liked the naturalness of the sailing speed, since much of the game was cartoony, the naturalness of the movement was a highlight for me. Plus, it felt like we were on a real adventure, and not an ADHD Easter egg hunt.

  • stv

    lol 3 months in the water temple!!!
    This took me 1 or 2 days the first time I played it. Boots swaping slow was my only complain, I like the challenge, maybe they should set a difficult level at the beggining.
    One for Kids (and not very smart people…) and one for adults

    About wind waker, the problem was that sailing was veeery slow and sometimes you had to spent a lot of time going around just seeing empty water and this could get boring fast so the added Swift sail is great.