Since launching last November, the Wii U has certainly struggled in sales. The console made its debut with a high price and a lack of games. But this year, it looks like things are turning around.

IGN released a video segment hosted by Greg Miller (@GameOverGreggy) and Rich George (@RichIGN) who discussed the Wii U’s potential for success in the coming months. The Wii U’s launch is described as mirroring the path of the 3DS. When Nintendo released the 3DS, it was expensive and had a poor lineup of games. A few months later, the price dropped and more hit games started coming out, boosting it to the top of the charts.

The biggest complaint among gamers concerning the Wii U is the lack of games. Well, things are about to change. Now, through the end of this year, Nintendo is starting to release more major games for the Wii U. Pikmin 3 came out a few weeks ago, Earthbound is now available on the virtual console. Coming up, we will have The Wonderful 101 in September, October of course is The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD, November brings Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, and finally Super Mario 3D Land in December. This puts Nintendo releasing a Wii U game a month, which is less than the PS3 or 360, but the difference is that these games are not only huge, they are exclusive to Nintendo. Next year’s launch calendar is also looking pretty solid. Gamers have the new Super Smash Bros. to look forward to, as well as Mario Kart 8 and Bayonetta 2.

The 3DS was slow to success, but things turned around when the price dropped and they started releasing one hit game after another. If the Wii U continues to follow that same pattern, Nintendo will be back in the game.

So what are your thoughts? Do you already have a Wii U, or are you holding out for a particular game? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: IGN
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  • Gamer Greg

    This "lack of games" does not compute. I still haven't played Assassin's Creed 3, only dipped my toes in on Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, but have beaten NSMB U, Super Luigi U, Little Inferno. Just got Cloudberry Kingdom, Ducktales on Tuesday. Also have Puddle, Nano Neo Assault, already 18 virtual console games, Mighty Switch Force HD, Resident Evil Revelations, Black Ops 2… there is content out there, one simply must go to the store or eShop.

    • Randomface98

      Couldn't agree more

  • kniL

    I think so too…
    But… From launch day I’ve been waiting for the Europese white Wii U that isn’t the dumbed down edition. I guess I’d have bought it earlier when it was not the cheap edition and just to play Skyward Sword.

  • Trance

    I bought the Wii U at launch. I did my research and knew that the best games wouldn't be out until later. Also, I thought the price for the Wii U was good. Better than what the Xbox one and PS4 are going to be priced at.
    As for games? They are out there, it's just that people like certain games, so there are no "Lack of games."

    • AlmightyGERM

      I agree with you being that price is more affordable than the PS4 and XBOX One but at the same time I feel that the media content and the overall use of those systems are being developed for is a larger world than just gaming and social community…
      Also the Wii U has an advantage over the idea that you can play online without having to purchase a online gaming subscription … This is where the other 2 systems are going to get hit hard at..

  • AlmightyGERM

    I for one have not been a huge fan of Nintendo since the Wii came out.. The games that are exclusive are not my style of games. I was glad to see CoD:BO come out on Wii U and the controller with the screen was pretty epic for never before seen in the gaming world..
    I hope to see a new Zelda come out for this sometime instead of just upping the previous Zelda games, earth bound was great 20 years ago on NES too so I am looking forward to seeing how that turns out..
    I bout the original wii just for the wii fit and the resort.. Love me some golf

  • Scott hunter

    I bought my wiiu @ the midnight launch & I knew there was gonna be a lack of software but it still never put me off as the games available @ the time were just right for me:) the fact that the games will be coming thick & fast should ensure Nintendo will start to see there fortunes changing:)! I'm really happy about that:)!

  • URbadarticle writter

    "The console made its debut with a high price and a lack of games."

    Um, $300 isn't exactly a high price for a console. Remember the PS3? It cost $600 at launch. I really wouldn't peg that as one of the Wii U's problems. It really is the lack of games, which has began to remedy itself already, and is about to put out a swath of games, like you go on to say in the article.

    "Pikmin 3 came out a few weeks ago"

    This is more nit-picky, but it came out 4 days ago in the US and about a week and a half ago in EU and AU. Granted, Japan has had it for about a month, but you should really specify since this article isn't in Japanese, so I assume you are writing it for an English speaking audience. It would just avoid confusion is what I'm saying.

    • UizBAD complainor

      Well, as long as we are nit-picking, your username is missing spaces, uses letters instead of actual words, and you spelled the word "writer" incorrectly. And just because there was a gaming console that was MORE overpriced when it was launched doesn't make the Wii U any LESS so.

      Besides, what you fail to notice is that the Wii U mainly hosted games that were available on the PS3 and Xbox360 already. So why spend that much (or any) money on something most gamers in the market for it already had?

      • get a life


  • jorge

    The legend of zelda will bring wii u to a whole new level

  • Qvistus

    I bought the WII because s I could play my old GameCube games with it alongside the newer games. I loved Super Mario Galaxy 1&2 but I was dissappointed with Skyward Sword, because of the controls and partly because of the graphics and character models. At some point my Wii broke down and I didn't play games much for few years. Recently I bought a cheap xbox360 so I could play some of the great games I have missed during this generation. WiiU looks much more promising than WII. The new Mario Kart, Pikmin 3 and SSBM look really impressive but I quess I'll wait for the next Zelda to come out before I buy WiiU.

  • masterswordsmen23

    I agree with alot of what is being said here. All i can think about is how much potential the system has once it gets moveing *next 2-3 years* i think its going to blow up and were going to see some realy good games come to it me personaly im hopeing for a game thats open world with different towns to visit different quest to do for different ppl all the while makeing your character stronger. But all in all i just think that no one ia realy taking advantage of what the wii u has to offer *FULLY* right now but they will catch on…..we hope.

  • James

    Holding out for Windwaker! I will buy one soon though since Windwaker is already preordered

  • DTF

    All the games coming out this fall look awesome, like what they mentioned and AC4!! But I can't wait for the next metroid game, like all the rest (yes, I liked Other M) it's gonna be great!

  • !CJ!

    I to am waiting for more games to come out before getting the system. granted I currently do not have enough money of my own to buy it myself, as I am just out of high school and JUST got my first job like last week. it's going to be a part time thing it seems, but with the type of work I'll be doing, I am glad it isn't going to be full time. and I should be making deacent money, with few expenses to pay right now. I really want WW HD, but next year when the new SSB comes out and the ZELDA Wii U is close, I will consider getting the Wii U. that's when I'd really want to anyways. right now I don't imagine either of my familys really would go for it right now, since there are not meny BIG games out for Wii U that any of us would play. Pickmen 3 is 1, but other than that maybe my bros would play a couple Mario games. that's about it for now. so probs no Wii U for a while.

  • Mermuffie

    so is now the cheapest time to buy a wii u? I’m saving up money, and I don’t know if waiting to buy will be good or bad for me…

    • Randomface98

      Well, now would mean you would be able to get a virtual console game for 30 cents each month but later would mean it'd be easier to find a Wii U to buy.

      • Petra

        If I waited for the price to drop, would virtual console games not be available, or just be more expensive…?

  • Petra

    Price drop……or job…..preferably, both. 😐

  • darkgerudo

    I’m still saving up for the WiiU. It would be ideal for me if the price dropped, but until then, I’ll hoard up my money like a dragon and save it for when I can afford the console and ZeldaU (not the Wind Waker HD remake).

  • RPH1

    I wanted Batman, Mass Effect, Assassin's Creed, Mario Bros. U, and NintendoLand at launch. That would not leave much time for sleep or TV or sports or life. I don't see that as lacking. I don't have a Wii U, yet, because my PC was crushed and I HAD to get a new 1. I will be getting a Black Wii U before September. Now I have to decide which games to get besides Z-TWW HD.

  • Joan

    I havent gotten the Wii U because the only games I care about anymore are the Zelda games and Nintendo has the habit of coming out with specials on the systems when a new Zelda game comes out too. (ex: GBA SP, DS Lite, 3DS)

  • Invinciburu

    It’s Super Mario 3D World, not Super Mario 3D Land (that one was already released on the 3DS).

  • Greg

    If you remember when the ps3 and Xbox 360 came out they had really bad sales too in the year worse than the Wii u release so people should WTFU

  • Christopher Costabile

    Yes, there is content, but the whole "there are no games" mantra heard repeatedly about Wii U is referring to the fact that Nintendo has a dearth of system-selling 1st party titles available. Pikmin 3 is the first title in months that is a flagship Nintendo title, and the next closest thing is New Super Mario Bros U, which, while great, is yet another 2D Mario platformer. Gamers picking up a Nintendo system want epic 1st party fare like Zelda, 3D Mario, and Metroid, but nothing of that sort has been available for the entire first year of the system's existence.

  • Guil.

    Still holding out for desirable games. I'm not seeing a possibility to connect my console to the internet so VC games are out for me. It's a lot easier with the 3DS that you can take with you to do that but I don't have a possibility for it for the home consoles. Assassin's Creed 3 looks interesting but I haven't played the earlier games since studies have kept me busy all year. I'm glad though that the 3DS is getting great games this year and I'm very much hoping that Fantasy Life comes to Europe. In the mean time I'm waiting for A Link Between Words and hoping my Harvest moon comes next month.

    • Bland

      How lucky are you.
      A ton of the Wii U exclusives focus on local multiplayer or flat out don't use online.
      Lucky if you even play with friends anyway.

  • Not falling for it

    Fake. IGN doesn't praise Nintendo products, IGN only trashes them.

    • heroofmask

      accually thats machinima ign only bashes bad thing about nintendo machinma bashes everything about nintendo

    • Dust

      Their Pikmin 3 review was gushing with praise.

  • Ragnell

    The Wii-U isn't even a year old yet… That is all.

  • ydl

    I am so disappointed by Wii U (and Nintendo's apparent philosophy when it comes to making and offering games — and their approach to "innovation") that I'm probably never going to buy it. Even when Zelda U comes out, I'll probably just borrow a friend's Wii U to play it.