Yes, as all of you were hoping… A new Zelda game! Just kidding. It’s not an actual “new” Zelda game. But, it is based on The Legend of Zelda! An obvious French Zelda fan decided to take it upon himself to make a game for PC users using many objects from A Link to the Past and “uses the same graphics and game mechanisms”. This new fan-made Zelda adventure is called The Legend of Zelda: Mystery of Solarus DX and is supposed to be set right after the ending of A Link to the Past. 

Hit the jump to see the game’s trailer and find out more info on the game!

The game was originally finished in late December of 2011, but just seems to be making its rounds officially now. Currently it is available for: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Amiga OS 4, and supports several different languages: English, French, and soon German.

From what we’ve seen, we advise any Zelda fan to check this out immediately! You can find the download somewhere in the middle of the page. Enjoy!

You can also see extra screens of the game here.

 Source: GoNintendo
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