Here’s a (final) reminder to all the creative folks out there about our wonderful ZU event, the Design a Boss contest. Find out more about the chance to still be part of this event and the opportunity to earn your very own Boss Designer t-shirt after the jump!

Design a Boss | Djinn started last January and was scheduled to close for judging on March 11; however, due to recent server issues and site slowdown, participants were now given the chance to submit and edit entries until March 31, 2012.

The grand prize for this round of Design a Boss is the implementation of the winner’s boss idea into ZU’s fan-game Timeless Haven. The top three participants will also receive a custom-made t-shirt whose details were just revealed:


Boss Designer t-shirt

The Boss Designer t-shirt

Boss Designer t-shirt detail

Detail of Legend of Zelda motif and monogram pattern by IGNIS of ZU

To enter, head over to the official thread where you’ll read about the rules, tips, and guidelines for designing your 2D-based boss. This is also the chance to join our forums if you haven’t done so. Join or sign in to then hit the “reply” button on the Design a Boss thread to submit your entry. Changes can be made to your entries by editing your post until the deadline.

The main rule is to aim for your boss to become a good candidate for Timeless Haven where the winning idea will be incorporated and later played. Check out the official Timeless Haven thread where can download the latest demo and get the gist of what it’s about before sculpting your boss concept. We’ll see you all there and good luck!

  • Herpson

    That is the fugliest shirt I've ever seen. My condolences to whoever wins this dishcloth.

    • IGNIS

      What'chu talking about, bro? It's the epitome of Hylian chic. Only three people in the world will get to rock the print before someone else replicates it. "Discloth" of a lifetime. herpherpherpherp~

  • Amazing design !!!!!

  • FierceDeityMomo

    I want that shirt!!!!!!!!!!

  • tacosman

    GO ZU

  • Andrew

    Can't say I am all too excited about the prize (nah, just not a shirt person). Is it possible to exchange it for something else?

    • IGNIS

      Thing is, bro (if I may), that people participating in this contest want their idea to be played by the people who will be getting ZU's fangame Timeless Haven. That's the grand prize. The shirt is a little token of their participation and their recognition for getting the highest scores for their boss idea. We're making this especially for the contest, and it's great for the people who wanted to be part of the event and compete with their boss concept to be getting something especially made for them and not something picked up from Hot Topic. People like the idea of earning an actual prize and a little token like this for participating which a whole load of fan-site contests don't really offer.

      tld;r winning is priceless and unexchangeable, breh. 😉

      • Andrew

        Kay. I'm sorry if I sounded a bit rude there. I'm still working on my entry right now though, but I gotta say, this years 2D boss contest isn't cutting it for me.