Well hello there, Universe! I am Rusty, and I am here to bring you another fantastic Music Monday! Today we are going to focus on the Lanayru Mining Facility, and the amazing music that plays while you explore, on your continuing journey to locate Zelda, with the help of everybody’s favourite talking sword.

The Lanayru Mining Facility is in the Lanayru Desert, also home to the ever glorious Temple of Time. It is an especially interesting place, as there is technology in the facility that has some very advanced technology, such as neon lights. And as the Lanayru Mining Facility is in a desert, of course there has to be sand, and this sand is really annoying if you, like me, dash before you think.

I am very pleased to be able to tell you I finally have a brand new ZeldaTunes! To those unfamiliar with the term, ZeldaTunes is basically what I call my Zelda remixes, or re-orchestrations, and today I have one to show you after about a month of no ZeldaTunes. To hear that, and a fantastic piano rendition of Gerudo Valley, hit the jump!

I am very happy with the way that turned out, especially the horns and wind instruments! After that, to stick with a desert type theme, I have found a wonderful cover of Gerudo Valley on the piano! Even better, the pianist that made that cover, has several other Zelda songs on piano, so make sure if you like this, to check him out!