There’s good news, and there’s bad news.

The good news is that, just a few hours ago, Hyrule Historia was back on sale over at Amazon Japan.  The bad news:  They were sold out just two hours later.

While that sounds like bad news, I think it’s actually a good sign long term.  Initially Hyrule Historia was going to be a one-time release, a book for the fans to grab a hold of, and then… poof!  However, I have to surmise that Nintendo did not count on the fact that this book would be as successful as it really was.  Seeing the huge demand for this book worldwide, along with all of the book flipthroughs on YouTube, scans beginning to come out as well as the fan translations that are being painfully undertaken is alerting their eyes.  And so, as an acknowledgement of that demand, a very short second run was issued.  And that’s something.

All that means is that the possibility that Nintendo will continue to make more copies available after this—not to mention hopefully English and international versions to follow.

Update: Amazon Japan currently has it on sale again!  Looks like they were testing the waters!  With shipping and handling to the United States, it comes out to around $82.44.

Source: Amazon Japan

  • That is the bible of Zelda, meaning the best guide a fan could hope for. Do want.

    • GuildedBlood

      Agreed, ten fold.

    • i need now

  • Ferichan

    SO GLAD I ordered mine during the first run. Still waiting for it to arrive lolol just one more week to go

  • Linky

    I wish I had the money D:

    • You wish you had the money ?
      I wish it was a available.

  • I can only get it to ship to japan. I had to create an amazon japan account to. What am I missing?

    • themisssinglink

      I made a Japanese Amazon account a long time ago for another thing I wanted to import, so my details on exactly what you have to do is really fuzzy. It required doing some clever amount of Japanese funniness, such as picking a prefecture and all that. I think.

      However, it should be possible, once you have an account, to list a Stateside address as your shipping address. The shipping for me for 2-5 day delivery was $40, which isn't terrible for that expediency.

    • DFM Marlink

      Hey, Brendan. A lot of people were asking how to order from Amazon JP on another forum. I found this webpage that explains very well what you have to do, with screenshots. 🙂 The people I shared it with there said it worked for them….I already had an account, so I didn't need to use the tutorial. Hope it works for you!

      • DFM Marlink

        "The people I shared it with there said it worked for them" — Meaning the people on the forum I gave the link to, not people commenting on the tutorial page itself, since I didn't read comments there….XD

  • too*

  • Please, NoA, release an English version sometime around-but-before Valentine's Day. That day also doubles as my birthday, and I would love to receive this as a birthday present.

  • I'm posting a graphical translation of the book. I hope you like it!

    • Whoa, thank you! Bump this up