As many of you know, G4 is hosting their annual VideoGame Deathmatch in which the top games of the year are put head to head in a vote by fans to see which title truly deserves to be crowned the best of 2011.  The competition has reached round four, and our favorite game of the year needs help!  Skyrim, Bethesda’s amazing fifth installment in The Elder Scrolls series, is going up against Skyward Sword, a popular Zelda game, considered decent in the eyes of its fans, apparently.  As Skyrim fans, we know that our content-packed monster of an RPG tromps whatever an insignificant action-adventure game could contain, but the Zelda fanbase is large.  As of right now, Skyward Sword holds 51% of the vote, while Skyrim is slightly behind at 49%, but it’s not too late!  In the name of Odahviing, the great backwards-flying dragon of Skyrim, I urge you:  go to, and don’t vote for Skyward Sworddon’t help the Zelda series once again become known as the greatest franchise of all-time, and don’t put all of those Nintendo naysayers in their place.  Basically, vote for Skyrim or the Dark Brotherhood will hear about it.  Just sayin’.

Edit: Since there seems to be some confusion over this matter, no we are not in fact a Skyrim fan site and yes we have heard of Skyward Sword before and the game that we would prefer you to vote for is indeed Skyward Sword. Head over and vote, it’s close and there’s less than a day remaining.

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  • Why would people vote for a game with baby graffix anywayz?

    • yourafag

      Why would you put this on a Zelda site i mean this place is called

      • syobonaction

        Someone doesn't understand sarcasm..

        • tool

          Yeah, some people DON'T understand it, and ZU should of understood that before posting this shit. SS is now losing because of this.

  • yianni

    'skyrim al da way, haz way mre content thn skyward sword the dmb wii game for kidz. how da fck does it even match up to skyrim?'
    I can only be an idiot for so long… Skyward Sword for G4s GOTY 😀

    • SageofDarkness

      Your opinion is yours and I don't want to try and change it, but if you want people to share your point of view at least talk in proper English

      • NekoBoy012


      • yianni

        Sarcasm my friend. I put it in quotes too, it really can't be that hard.

  • tool

    The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim has been praised as the greatest interactive experiences ever: as in the history of all time. Skyrim is an open-world RPG with hundreds of hours of gameplay and infinite dragons. Need we say more?


    • cloverplayer

      lol fail

    • PKThunda

      Ganon is not in Skyward Sword.

      • Begclawmr

        plus ur looking 4 zelda most of skywardsword even tho shes fine

  • RetardoofDoucheistan

    Nintendo should just give up makng consoles, the N64 sucked and sinse then all their consoles have been teriible (especially gimmiky 3DS and kiddy Wii). Nintendo should just start making gaemes for the superrior HD consoles (GRAFIX FTW!), but not sucky games like Skyward Sword, substance over style, Eff that, MW3 and ES5 is where its at!

    • the_voice

      Man, this…this one hit a little too close to home. You're TOO good at this, if you know what I mean.

      • the_voice

        Apparently you're so good at this you got -10. People didn't even read your username. Am I the only person who sees what he did there?

    • sheikah98

      if you want to play your dumb realistic games, fine. you do that. but stay off of a ZELDA FAN SITE and go play your games. if you think that skyward sword sucks, fine. you are entitled to your opinion. but so am i, and i say that MW3 and ES5 are sucky games that don't try to be anything that their respective series isn't already. they are, in a sense, MORE copies of an okay game. i find them tiring, and it amazes me that they are so popular. skyward sword is the best, and if you think its one of those "new" games like skyrim, you can leave this zelda fan site. no one wants you here.

  • bradley

    No thanks. SKYWARD SWORD FTW!

  • bradley

    Skyrim fanfags like to tuck it in and dance around like a girl.

    • frank

      U mad bro?

      • bradley

        No. I did it for the lulz.

  • Darth Board

    To quote one of the comments on the G4 site:

    "This is Game of Thrones vs. Dora the Explorer!"

    • Darth Board

      From all the vote downs, I'm guessing the sarcasm thing is really not translating well.

  • BOO! Crush Skyrim! xD

    • bradley

      u mad bro?

  • Valgaldr

    WTF?? Thought this was a Zelda fan site :p

    • fiercedeityfan

      I KNOW RIGHT!!!!???

  • Keimori

    You guys realize sarcastic tone dos'nt work with text, right?

  • Edward

    Why would a zelda site wants to vote against zelda?!!

    • Keimori

      I'm almost positive they're being sarcastic.

  • Link and Cuccos

    This is obvious sarcasm. LOL

  • Mrgaful

    was this page hacked or what? why are in a zelda page, we are actuallly in the official zelda page, why wopuld they post something like this? zelda all the way!!!

  • Dreamer

    I know you guys are being sarcastic…but…you know it does not work with text right?

    • bradley

      Yeah, it TOTALLY doesn't.


  • SFSniper

    actually it works quite well haha. I caught the sarcastic tone right away (aka as soon as I saw the title).

  • n00byie

    Hello world! >D

  • fctokyo

    i love you ZU <3 LOL

  • bradley

    Lets go troll the Skyrim fanboys!

  • Darth Board

    Of COURSE it's sarcasm! They even mention the backwards-flying dragons in the post!

    • Darth Board

      Nobody got that I was playing along with the joke in my post above either. I got voted down 12 under!

  • TTL

    What's that? I've been too busy PLAYING Skyward Sword to notice this? Huh, interesting . . .

  • joe

    Skyrim is obviously better. *no sarcasm

    • DillyMcPickle

      I agree.
      Nintendo, please go back to the N64 era games. That's where you were at your best.

      Down with motion gaming!

  • jorge

    actually… zelda needs some help right now…

  • narutomoon

    ummmm, in the past hour it went from skyrim 49% and Zelda 51% to skyrim 52% and zelda 48%….. there might possbily be a corelation between that and this post. i got thatit was sarcasm, but maybe some people didnt. GO VOTE FOR SKYWARD SWORD!!!! (and i do own and play both games btw, i just think zelda should win)

    • bradley

      No it was Bethesda begging for votes on their Facebook page.

      • narutomoon

        Ahhh, good then. but that just means bethesda is getting desperate.. and has anyone else noticed their games always have alot of bugs until like 6 months AFTER the game comes out?

    • locomotion

      a correlation between that and this post? Yes, obviously all the Zelda fans who came to zelda universe and read this realized that skyrim is so much better so and went to vote for it. *rolls eyes*

  • Baker1000

    I've never even heard of this Sky Sword game. Must be from one of those cult games from an indie developer. I can't see it taking off.

  • jjjj

    skyward sword is losing ;'( Bethesda is begging for votes in facebook

    • kkkk

      Don't forget that ZU asked people to vote for Skyward Sword when this GOTY thing first started.

      • bradley

        ZU is a FAN site, not run by Nintendo.

  • Zeldajoe

    Your joking me right? What kinda of zelda fan site is this!? Pathetic! SKYWARD SWORD FTW!

    • narutomoon

      The post is useing OBVIOUS sarcasm. i knwo text does communicate sarcasm, but the form in which he types the sentences and the fact that this is a zelda fansite should let you know its sarcasm.

  • Merq


  • Olympion

    Nintendo need to do the same with their own facebook pages if Skyward Sword is going to pull this off, send both the Nintendo and Zelda facebook pages plenty of messages about this!

  • Gerudude

    Skyrim can rim my ass.

  • Power Shot

    While I was playing 'Skyward Sword', I couldn't help but notice that Link has decided to finally drop the tights and wear pants, in a clearly desperate attempt to pander to pants-lovers around the world. What a sell-out.

    In 'Skyrim', I can wear whatever I want and still feel like the stupidest-dressed Barbie doll this side of the world (actually, I'm not sure which side I'm on, stupid map doesn't help much). Go Skyrim! Show the Zelda fanboys how unafraid we are to wear ugly clothing in a virtual world in our mothers' basements!


    Vote people SS is losing! D:

  • EternalDreamer

    Dear ZU, i believe your sarcasm plan backfired and you're making zelda lose.

    Give yourself a big applause. /troll

    • Leanne

      yeah it did thanks ZU ^^

  • mcdude910

    Guys, on a serious note, not that this lenient article is a nice change, but Skyrim is winning 52% to 48%. If you haven't yet made an account, just spend the few minutes to do so. The round ends at 10:00AM (-5:00GMT) tomorrow.

  • Skyward sword ROCKS

    put that on the skyrim blog

  • Zachattack8888

    Go Zelda!!! Just voted!!!

  • Oy..fanboys…

    I voted for Skyrim. Skyward Sword is incredibly overrated and was hyped worse than Twilight Princess. And no. I ain't trollin'. I'll leave that to the Skyrim fanboys.

  • MarioFan2.0

    Mario is better than Zelda anyways.

  • Sage of Hyrule

    Lol I think I missed the "it's opposite day" note.



  • I'm a hardcore zelda fan but skyrim owns. Though putting this on a zelda site is very strange. Why argue over games? Be grateful we have more than one astoundingly great title to play!

  • The Cozmologist

    What the heck is everyone going on about? THIS IS A ZELDA SITE! Sheesh! Half the comments on here are people saying, 'What the hell is Skyward Sword?'…
    Well, for your information, it is a terrific game loved by many!!!

  • Oddjob

    I also voted for Skyrim because GameSpot gave it a 7.5 and I happen to agree with them. I've already beat the game 100% and didn't find the game all that good. It was okay, so it's deserving of an okay score.

    • Oddjob

      I voted for Skyrim because GameSpot gave SKYWARD SWORD a 7.5, that is. Sorry for the error.

    • narutomoon

      Ok, being completely honest, gamespot is a JOKE. if you took time to look at their review, they mark games down for incredibly stupid things that pretty much make their entire review invalid. They marked skyward sword down because it plays "ust like an other Zelda game". That is not a Valid reason because the game is SUPPOSED to play like other Zelda games.

  • ntkn

    so sad. the only FOOLS that like skyrim are the asshats that orgasms and drools over pretty graphics. the gameplay/fighting in skyrim is crap, the NPCs are lifeless and boring, and the storyline is utterly boring. the only interesting part is dragons, everything else is a TYPICAL RPG.

    when will people learn that graphics do not make a great game?

  • Oddjob

    I also voted for Skyrim because GameSpot gave Skyward Sword a 7.5 and I happen to agree with them. I've already beat the game 100% and didn't find the game all that good. It was okay, so it's deserving of an okay score.

    • Oddjob

      Skyrim, on the other hand, is completely awesome and shows just how far behind the times Nintendo is.

  • oloko


  • lootic

    Zelda Universe I hope you consider making a new post so that Zelda-fans will know that Skyward Sword now is losing to Skyrim. I cant have it that way just cause you were a tad arrogant when you posted this news post. Thanks in advance.

    //sincerily lootic

  • wtfman


  • iDuffman

    Either this is sarcasm (which doesn't work in text at all) or someone hacked the site! Which I actually wouldn't put past the Skyrim babies.

  • Zerim

    I'm a Zelda fan and I'm voting for Skyrim… honestly guys, I like both franchises, TES is more like the grown up Zelda, and Zelda is still Zelda.

    • I completely agree. Sadly, zelda has oodles of fanboys. All this insulting gamers for their choice of skyrim over zelda is ridiculous. Grow the hell up. They won't lose anything by admitting that skyrim is a great game that is both engaging & beautifully crafted. & if it's not for you, simply say so, don't insult other people for having personal tastes that differ from your own.

  • Crobat

    I'm glad I'm not the only Zelda fan who voted for Skyrim! And to the guy who said that the only people to vote for Skyrim are graphic whores, just shut up. You can't always use such a stupid argument. Maybe I voted for Skyrim because I found it to be more fun than Skyward Sword? I already 100% completed the game and that was hard because I was quickly growing bored of it.

    Skyrim, on the other hand, is way more fun and I have yet to get bored! And there's still so much to do! Having to buy Skyward Sword along with Motion Plus makes me feel ripped off. Skyrim though is worth every penny.

    And yes, I'm a Zelda fan. I'm just not a Zelda fanboy. I recognize that there are other great games out there.

    • Thank you for this intelligent response on this subject & to the other comments!

      If we gave two shits about graphics, we would not be playing OOT or MM as most people on here do & hold them as beloved classics. I'm not 100% through either game yet, but Skyrim I do feel has a much larger appeal simply because of the scope of what you can do. I love zelda with all my heart but the step backward in maturity from TP to SS really is making wanting to play difficult for me. Also, Koji Kondo almost entirely giving up the musical reigns I feel really made it much less persuasive of an experience as opposed to older titles that instantly win you over simply with emotive scores.

      Also, thanks for the fanboy comment! I find that's where most of the ignorance stems. Gives the rest of the Zelda fans a bad rep. Same way that some musicians have really respectful fanbases & others have mainly asshole fans that tear into other people & musicians for no reason.

  • Hack

    I LOL so hard! 8D Sarcasm FTW! Skyrim is a good game BTW… but not as good as Zelda! Remember: "Every game has a history… only one is a LEGEND"

    • Power Shot

      Hack's right! We've got to write in "The Legend of Spyro"!

  • prada

    WT hell? why are non-zelda fans here? shoo go away. Where the [french toast] is the damn zelda love?

    • Crobat

      Oh, so only Skyrim fanboys can vote for Skyrim, and Zelda fans such as myself cannot vote for Skyrim?

      How utterly fanboyish. Good day to you sir!

    • Here I am thinking I can like more than one gaming franchise, how silly of me!

  • jgtkhfih

    I blame this article for the lead Skyrim has now.

  • Common Sense

    Why, good sir Crobat, are you rooting for Skyrim on a Zelda site? It’s basically being racist in an African-American’s house.

    As I do like Skyrim, (but Zelda more,) I do not hate your game, but why do you want to do something as stupid as what your doing? It’s like an Allied spy in a Nazi bunker saying ‘Allied guys gonna get you losers!’

    Seriously. Think about it.


    • Crobat

      I didn't get the memo that only Zelda fanboys can post here. COMMON SENSE dictates that if I like a game more than another, than I shall vote for that game. Just because I'm a Zelda fan doesn't mean I have to be a blind fanboy and vote for a Zelda game even if I preferred the other game over it. If you think being true to oneself is racism, then that's your problem.



  • ReturnoftheKing

    Skyward Sword is the best game ever. And I shall list the reasons:

    1. Best graphics ever!
    2. Most fun game ever!
    3. Motion controls!
    4. Zelda is a fox! I'd tap that.

    Anyone who doesn't vote SS BEST GAME OF FOREVER is a moron who shouldn't be allowed to play video games in the first place. To all of you who want SS to win over Skyrim, MAKE A BUNCH OF NEW ACCOUNTS and keep voting! Tell only Zelda fans of the poll. Never mention it to potential Skyrim fans. And last but not least, we need to tar and feather these Zelda fans who voted for Skyrim. I mean…really? Why the hell would they do that? They aren't true Zelda fans! We must cast them out until they confess that Zelda was, is, and will ALWAYS be the best! Who wants new experiences? I sure don't! I'm sticking to my older Zelda traditions.

    Who's with me?!

    • thebest?

      "1. Best graphics ever!"

      Haha no. Pretty, but not the best.

  • tenacioustwitch

    Go vote for Zelda in the G4TV Deathmatch! Zelda is losing to Skyrim (Skyrim 52%, Zelda 48%). Vote here!

  • HeroofTime

    You got to be kidding me gtf out of here every single one of you Zelda haters I think Skyrim is awesome but Zelda deserves to be in the top no questions about it any one who says SS should loos is a complete dumbass!

    • Crobat

      Only a Sith deals in absolute. Just because I prefer Skyrim doesn't mean I hate Zelda. Quit being such a snotty fanboy!

  • Skywolf88

    This is a bad joke. Really, really bad.

  • Chris

    I have lost all faith in ZU. I thought this was a Zelda site that would defend the fact that Zelda SS is superior. But theyre just a bunch of ignoramuses. Wow this really was a low blow.. I thought I could trust this site and that their judgement was fair. But no, theyre no better than G4. Completely full of shit. Sell outs.

    • Chris

      Discredit this I take it back. Only read a small portion and didnt realize it was sarcasm guess all the hype over the war between SS and Skyrim got to my head. I'm sorry ZU XD

      • If you respond that intensely over something as trivial as other people's opinions on video-games, you need to seek help.

  • Linksoer

    who would vote 4 skyward sword, look at dem graficks, litle kidz graficks, and on teh wii! wii is 4 grandmas and babys. I not little kid im a mature gamer! I play COD! im too kool to vote 4 kidz game, so me vote 4 skyrim skyrim FTW! just look at teh graficks 4 skyrim they are REALISTIK!! wich means its better in every way! OMG!!

  • Mikael

    Okay…some of you don't know sarcasm when you see it. THEY WANT US TO VOTE FOR SS AND PROVE TO THE WORLD THAT ZELDA IS STILL THE BEST GAME FRANCHISE *STILL* TO DATE WITH THE BIGGEST LOYAL FANS EVER! Love BOTH games but you know…Zelda all the way! XD

    • Leanne

      yeah but you have Skyrim fans coming over here since a skyrimfan had posted this on g4 site the moment it was put up here alot of skyrim fans came here to look at this….

    • Leanne

      sorry for that they should have made it a little more less hidden that "49% 51%" is what triggered it. even though it was funny…

  • Chris

    Lol I did not read all of it.. this is a joke. I'm sorry ZU I guess I let the war thats going on get to my head. VIVA LA SKYWARD SWORD AND ZU!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Septimra

    Repost this now, ppl are getting confused and zelda is loosing o.O

  • Rem

    Played both, loved Skyward Sword, Skyrim was okay.
    So I choose you Legend of Zelda! :3

  • Gnomeo

    Skyrim is going to win. And I'm going to laugh.

    Oh, and someone is going around and sharing the link to this page. Prepare for more Skyrim fans to weigh in with their opinions!

    Nice site, by the way.

  • Um…..What?

    Why is a Zelda fan site telling me not to vote for a Zelda game?

  • pikachu8090

    This is a Zelda Site not Skyrim anyone agree with me?

  • TriforceofLINK


  • i8oprah

    I'm not hating on Skyrim…but…this is a Zelda site…. it just doesn't really make sense to me

  • jorge

    it's pretty obvious that we lost this battle… but not the war

  • MrDudeyRock

    I've lost all respect for you Doctor You 😛

  • Skyrim is better. Deal with it.

  • Jeff


    • Indeed, Bethseda invited ZU staff for dinner, bought us liquor and strippers and gave us a free copy of Skyrim. All they asked is we promote their game on a g4 poll because that's really important to them.

      They asked us not to tell anyone under the penalty of a hundred kicks to the groin but since I have no balls anyway I figured I might as well take the risk. Hope it pleases you 🙂

  • Kurosaki10993

    are you insane?????!!!!! why skyrim? ah, now i see you people can support the superiority of Legend of zelda uh? you can't accept that a game from a console like wii can beat games from HD consoles like PS3!!! well sorry for you but you can defeat zelda and its fans because we're unstopable!!!! God bless nintendo and TloZ!!!!!

    • Gnomeo

      u mad bro?

  • EraZ3712


    I don't understand why you posted on a Zelda fanbase to vote for skyrim after all the previous posts which had been exciting the Zelda fans on the most anticipated deathmatch between games we've been waiting for.

    Were all the votes we cast to defeat the previous contestant simply to vote for Skyrim in the end?! I'm not saying that Skyrim is a bad game: It is most definitely a GREAT game.

    But if we were going to vote for Skyrim, why bother getting us excited? If we were not going to support Zelda until the end, what was the point of voting? I feel very betrayed by ZU (Particularly you, who posted this), and I feel that this post should be taken off. It's a disgrace to the Zelda fanbase.

    • Gnomeo

      Just accept it. Skyrim is the better game.Renounce your kiddy ways before us once and for all and I promise we shall be merciful unto you.

  • ZeldaForever2000

    WHAT IN THE FORLD JUST HAPPENED? Is this a Zelda website, or a f*cking TES website.

    Some Skyrim fanboy registered here and made this f*cking abomination, i got this, THIS IS A COUP' THIS IS A F*CKING COUP'!!!!1

    Come on Zelda fans, let's troll TES fansites!

  • afroninja1598

    Get off your rear end and vote for the best game series in the world!

  • Not to try to hurt your feewings, but you're all a pack of rabid guard dogs.

  • Also, the original post was sarcasm. Just a excited basement dweller trying to troll on 16+ year olds (Usually the Bethesda community base)

    52% 😛 and I guarantee it would be much higher if zeldatards didn't make a hundred accounts. Although G4 is biased for Skyrim too.

  • JcLee

    I know this is sarcastic/satirical… but you really should not have done that. Many people will see this and seriously think you are asking them to vote for Skyrim.

  • I'm in a zelda community so everyone here is voting zelda. I'm just trying to help them realize that Skyrim is an equal.

  • Acostar62

    i think that this post should be deleted, this is called ZELDA Universe, not skyrim universe, and Skyward sword's graphics are amazing, just because they aren't realistic does not mean that they are bad. besides i have played both and Skyward Sword is MUCH better then skyrim.

    • Yeah, DoctorYou is trying to stir up lulz. Skyrim is better in the sense that you'll always find something new. If you have great patience you will be heavily rewarded. Skyward Sword is a blast. It just comes down to what you like the most.

  • Newt

    Um…Either if this post is being sarcastic or is actually wanting us to vote for Skyrim, it's not working out so great.

  • Daniel

    ZU! Kick this guy off of your staff, he is a zelda hater! Also vote for Skyward Sword

  • Peter

    Wow, this is just just a mess with all the sarcastic people, serious people, and trolls in an uproar over this, and on top of that, Skyrim is gaining the lead in the middle of this chaos.

  • Callin

    Too many people don't recognize reverse psycology.

    You're supposed to be so angry seeing this on a Zelda site that you want to vote for Skyward Sword.

    • Newt

      Well said. I'm happy to see someone else who actually understands the reverse psychology in this post. The anger part seems to be working beautifully, just look at the comments.

  • Mockatt

    Some indication that this is sarcasm would probably help out with the contest. This nearly gave me a heart attack.

  • Forrest

    Well the controls on Skyward Sword really sucked so its a down on ZSS.


    Skyward sword is probably 1000000000000000000 times better than skyrim.skyrim is fun but no where near zelda.why would this even be on a zelda fansite?its not called the elder scrolls universe is it.

  • Dan

    Wow, never seen this many people fight over games.

  • Dan

    Well then what should we do to stop all of this fighting because I like all kinds of video games and not just Zelda or Skyrim.

  • Richard

    I have better things to do than Zelda and Skyrim.

  • Nekotamer

    Oh! I'm sorry. I must've typed in the wrong web address… Wait a minute. No I didn't! I thought this was a zelda fan site! Why is it suddenly insulting the zelda franchise on purpose?! You have betrayed zelda and don't deserve to be called zeldauniverse.

  • Anonymous

    both franchises are good , but i personally preferred skyrim (no hate just opinion)

  • Chibidin


  • nina

    what is this blasphemy?!?!?!? D:

  • jimas

    OMG!! ZU HAS BEEN BRAIN WASHED!!:O…Now that our leader is dead WE FIGHT TO SURVIVE!! SKYWARD SWORD GOTY 2011!!!

  • Supportedcoffe

    You guys really tricked until i read the of the post, i mean i was pissed of.

  • Disciple of Midna

    *carefully examines OP* Suddenly I'm no longer surprised and confused. =P

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