As many of you know, G4 is hosting their annual VideoGame Deathmatch in which the top games of the year are put head to head in a vote by fans to see which title truly deserves to be crowned the best of 2011.  The competition has reached round four, and our favorite game of the year needs help!  Skyrim, Bethesda’s amazing fifth installment in The Elder Scrolls series, is going up against Skyward Sword, a popular Zelda game, considered decent in the eyes of its fans, apparently.  As Skyrim fans, we know that our content-packed monster of an RPG tromps whatever an insignificant action-adventure game could contain, but the Zelda fanbase is large.  As of right now, Skyward Sword holds 51% of the vote, while Skyrim is slightly behind at 49%, but it’s not too late!  In the name of Odahviing, the great backwards-flying dragon of Skyrim, I urge you:  go to, and don’t vote for Skyward Sworddon’t help the Zelda series once again become known as the greatest franchise of all-time, and don’t put all of those Nintendo naysayers in their place.  Basically, vote for Skyrim or the Dark Brotherhood will hear about it.  Just sayin’.

Edit: Since there seems to be some confusion over this matter, no we are not in fact a Skyrim fan site and yes we have heard of Skyward Sword before and the game that we would prefer you to vote for is indeed Skyward Sword. Head over and vote, it’s close and there’s less than a day remaining.

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