By the looks of this chart, it appears the first week of sales for the 3DS were rather successful. With 214,821 being the current standpoint, it seems dropping the price for the Nintendo 3DS was the right thing to do in order to boost sales.

There should be a fine chance of sales for the 3DS being successful in other regions in the world. Especially with the release of the Flame Red 3DS in North America on September 9th. Within the next month we should definitely see some progress.

Source:  GoNintendo


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  • mrbaconsock

    wow fail

    • Subrosian

      Such eloquence.

  • scorpionz

    again,what they need is mario and pokemon and everything will be fine.

    • They also need Zelda.

      • Primus

        handheld Celda games can't compare to Mario and Pokemon.

  • Zombeh

    Wow, it's finally selling, who would've thought!?

  • Eon

    I wanted the red one, but since I'm already an ambassador, I don't wanna miss out on LoZ!!!!

  • Sakume

    The price drop will definitely contribute to better sales both in Japan and America. Good reasoning, NOA. With so many blockbuster titles that are being released before/around Christmas, there's a good chance many children will be asking Santa for a 3DS under the tree as well as now.

  • Russet

    Good! Now let's hope this is the same in the West and everyone can stop calling it a flop.

  • xxx

    Way to go!!

  • Ashmic

    Graph Erection

  • Hombre_de_Mundo

    eeeh, yeah this was obviously gonna happen. The question is if this trend will continue or if this is just a temporary spike and soon drops to "normal" levels.

  • SNOlink

    Yes it was a smart idea. In fact, I might get my own 3DS soon.


    Great! 3DS is blazing hot in sales right now!


    Star Fox 64 3D, Super Mario 3D Land, and Mario Kart 7 will keep system sales up!

  • joe

    The red 3DS is cool and all but I'm still waiting for that orange one. I'm still enjoying my blue one though.

  • Wow, nice advertisement there!

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  • Pingback: 3DS price drop showing success in the United States » Gaming/Nintendo News - Zelda Universe()

  • John

    the 3ds price drop is great, but so far I still only passed by one person so far on street pass and that was at gamestop the morning OoT3D came out. atleast my sister can get a 3ds sooner. I cant wait to play animal crossing again.