Since the release of the 3DS and the “Black Screen of Death” Nintendo has promised us a system update that will make the 3DS capable of browsing the internet, purchasing downloadable content from the “e-shop,” and transferring data from a DSi to a 3DS. Nintendo updated their website with this to say:

“A new system update for the hand-held Nintendo 3DS system will be available in North America the evening of June 6 Pacific time. By downloading the free update via a wireless broadband Internet connection, Nintendo 3DS users can enjoy new features and enhancements, including an Internet browser and access to the Nintendo eShop, where users can browse and purchase downloadable content.”

No additional information has been released regarding the 3DS update; Nintendo has not stated what games will be available for download on the e-shop. The update will be available in Japan and Europe on June 7th, which corresponds with the Western Hemisphere. Nintendo has a LOT more info to reveal; as more of that info comes ourway, we will be posting it here for you, the Zelda community. So stay tuned, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: IGN
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  • Josiahinnc

    Delays delays
    up next Skyward sword delay

    • mini link

      for reals man!

    • Hopefully not. Most likely not because Nintendo already has delayed it twice 1. When they said it would be in 2010 2. When they said it would be released early 2011. Anyways they've been working on it since 2005 so I doubt they really need to add anything new. And they already stated that it was finished and now they are just touching it up a bit and planning for the release.

      • cloverplayer

        maybe they're adding side quests?

        • "And they already stated that it was finished and now they are just touching it up a bit and planning for the release" means "they already stated that it was finished and now they are just touching it up a bit and planning for the release. " 0________0

          • Syluxlenny

            A good firend of mine, who is the boss of a Gamestop store, told they likely want to delay it until its close to the release of Project "Cafe", so the players would keep the Wii for sure, and so they could make a "Cafe" version in one strike.

  • mini link

    i have to buy this!!

  • Well its not that bad if you think about it. Late May could mean basically anywhere from the 25th to the 31st. Well only have to wait like an extra week. But I was looking forward to it in May.

  • Scrivs

    is anything ever not delayed

  • Well, it's better they get the bugs out fast. I probably won't end up getting a 3DS anyway until there are more games and a better model. I didn't get a DS when it first came out; I waited until the DS lite was released.

  • TheMaverickk

    A one week delay and people are complaining, lol.

    They had a tentative "late May" date before. Late May could've been anytime before the 31st. I'm not really upset, I can't wait to get my hands on the browser and the eShop though.

    Ocarina of Time 3D will follow shortly after and I'm excited for that.

  • I'm quite content with my DSi XL for at least the rest of this year.

    • Forrest

      I agree with ya. I mean the only diff with a 3ds is way better graphics and 3d. I can't forget the thumb pad thing or the new feature where u can look with the ds it's self. Not enough games for me to buy it. And oot 3d really is the same as the 64 just inhanced graphics and to me they made it easier.

  • Akumu

    Who gives a shit. Just play your new 3ds games and wait your pansy ass for the update. Also Oot 3d will be out in no time meaning the update is meaningless.

  • Akumu

    Might I add, I'd rather there be delays then bugs when we use our money to buy stuff on the internet.

  • Keimori

    Folks, anyone want to bet this is all political and not technical?
    I'm thinking Mr.Fis-Ame wants to stroke his ego by anounceing the update live at E3. XP

  • that reminds me…why isn't there a red 3DS yet?

  • I wish more people would write sites like this that are actually interesting to read. With all the garbage floating around on the internet, it is refreshing to read a site like yours instead.