When it comes to storing data, bigger is better!

It is very possible that the game cartridges for Nintendo’s upcoming portable gaming system, the Nintendo 3DS, could hold a whopping 8GB worth of data. That’s about the equivalence of 16 DS games. Talk about packin’ it all in!

Macronix, the cartridge’s Taiwanese manufacturer, has released some precise details on the 3DS’s choice of media containment.

Rumors have it that Nintendo is controlling major game developers in terms of how much of the cartridge’s actual capacity can be used. 1GB is the bare minimum requirement to create a 3DS game, with 2GB as the maximum amount of space that they can use.

2GB is four times the size of the DS’s current cartridge, which is 512MB, and eight times the size of the biggest games for the Game Boy Advance. If the rumors of the 8GB capacity are unveiled, games for the platform could be up to 16 times bigger than games for the DS; bigger, in fact, than games stored on a standard compact disc as used with the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360.

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