You can have it a few days earlier than everyone else!

With a concrete release date comes online reservations. Play-Asia is offering gamers the opportunity to import the 3DS from Japan on the Japanese release date of February 26th, 2011 on their website here.

Of course, we do know that the 3DS will be released elsewhere in March, so is the matter of a weeks or even days actually worth it? What if the 3DS is region locked and will only allow downloadable content from Japan? Or worse yet: locked to only allow Japanese cartridges? Is that a deterring factor for you?

So what’s the verdict? Will you be importing the 3DS from Japan?

Let us know in the comments!

Source: Play-Asia
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  • Goro

    It's been confirmed to be region locked, so I think it's better to wait for it for a couple of weeks. Plus, it will be cheaper in the US when it comes out.

  • LinkForeverAwakened


  • t3hWC

    ARGH REGION LOCK. Does this mean you can't play 3DS games from other countries or just that it comes in a different language and not with all of them, like the DS?

  • …Then buy it before you go insane.

  • ninja


  • METC

    I just put my name down, just in case. It’s no money down, so what the hell, right?

  • I'd rather wait till it actually come out in the US, then buy it when I finish paying off for a car. In the meantime, I hope Skyward Sword is released first, since I aleady have a Wii.

  • Keith

    I'm waiting. A) Importing costs an arm and a leg (look at Pokemon B/W, those are over $70+ to import iirc so 3DS would be around $400 imo) B) You can wait a few weeks/months C) Region locked ftl

    Importing 3DS? not worth it.

    • JTF


  • X x7

    Well I just hope that I can get a pre-order of this for Christmas, then I'd wait a few more months to buy it in America. Really, it just isn't worth it.

  • ChainofTermina

    that's the stupidest idea I've ever heard.