Mario's autopsy

He’s vertically-challenged, has a bulbous nose, an unflattering mustache, and is technically obese… but Mario still manages to out-jump anyone in the Mushroom Kingdom. Besides, they always say it’s what’s inside that counts.

Well, now, we can finally see exactly what is inside Mario.

Artist Jason Freeny, popular for his fictional anatomies of other characters (Nemo from Finding Nemo, a Lego man, Hello Kitty, and many others) chose to celebrate Mario’s 25 birthday by designing an anatomy of Mario. And Mario sure has some strange-looking bones!

Hit the jump for the full sized pic!

Source: MoistProduction
  • Gerudude

    Ahh first post.
    His bones must be elastic rubber or something.

    • bradley

      Troll, and fail.

  • ILiekZelda

    I Wonder why someone would make this………….

    • ashmic

      because it'll probably sell for a LOT of money

      • ILiekZelda

        True you know what i should make a Link one and sell it……………..

        • ashmic

          id buy it lol

  • Bobby Emerald

    Seeing the picture at first reminded me of Porky Pig for some reason.

    • ZeldaMaster#1#1

      The skull/nose definitely.

  • asdf

    Dude needs to get a life.
    Go do something important, not carefully make the bones of fictional plumbers.

    • Shaelyn

      dude needs to get a life.
      go do something important, not criticize what everyone else does.

    • Chad

      You know it's possible to have a hobby AND a life maybe he enjoys this like we Zelda fans enjoy playing Zelda games

    • JordanChi

      you are commenting on Zelda Universe

  • X x7

    What's the point of this?
    And Mario's nose has a LOT of cartilage in it.

    • You just pointed out the point: the designer of this wanted to show that Mario's nose has little, if any, bone to it. He's very observant, considering the nose always wobbled when Mario ran in Super Mario 64.

  • Sanity's_Theif

    Hmm, I seem to recall Luigi jumps higher than mario

    Why does no one pay attention to Weegee!?

    • ChainofTermina

      (finally! I've always wanted to point this out but never had a reason to until now! XD) actually, technically, people DO pay attention to Luigi: by always acknowledging and talking about how Luigi is overshadowed and out shined by Mario all the time, people ARE paying attention to him. If they weren't, they wouldn't even realize that he isn't as popular, but then by paying attention to this fact, he IS getting as much popularity as Mario. it's like a weird paradox thing.

  • ChainofTermina

    dude, some one should totally make of these of Navi.

    • ILiekZelda

      Lol so pretty much make some sort of smaller light inside her and some wing bones?

      • Ezlo

        lol, yeah. =D

      • Oxling

        I'm pretty sure that fairy's bones are the type that wouldn't have wings…

  • Valdek

    lol Navi probably has no bones. its a ball of light what else would be there

  • Oxling


    • Why…did Jason Freeny make this? To celebrate the 25th anniversery of the Mario legacy.

  • ChainofTermina

    he's evil and ugly. don't waste your time thinking about him. 😛

  • xzz

    WTF? that sucked

  • LuX

    I thought the same thing, and to all the haters….. SHUT UP!!!!

  • Cody Gee

    Shouldn't his legs be black?

  • ashmic

    who cares if he is fat anyways theres nothing wrong with it, saying u have a problem with fat people is sating you have a problem with black people, or ETC.