Like my new gauntlet? I just got it at Macy's. Isn't it just faaaabulous?

We first met him as a hulking blue pig monster in the original The Legend of Zelda in 1986. We’ve seen him in many incarnations throughout the years, but his objective is nearly always the same: acquire the complete Triforce and dominate the kingdom of Hyrule.

He has stood against us for more than twenty years. We’ve shot enchanted arrows at him, played a strange game of energy ball tennis, pierced his heart, banished him to another realm, and even stabbed him in the face! But now we finally have a reason to root for him: we want him to win GameSpot’s All Time Greatest Game Villain!

Head over there and vote now!

But also, while we’re on the subject: do you think Ganondorf will make an appearance in Skyward Sword? We want to hear what you think! Let us know in the comments below!

Source: GameSpot (tip by CornOfPotato)
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  • STUFF2o

    Those flamewars in the comment section are pathetic. "I've never heard of Ganondorf, how can Ares lose to somebody this small? What's with this ogre with a beard?"

  • Death Killington

    Pfft, Team Rocket has to win.

    Either them, or the Pac-Man Ghosts.

  • veeronic

    yeah he surpasses ares at least, but I'm afraid I won't be standing in his corner when sephiroth or kefka are in the mix.

    as for these……… individuals I lack a word for, how the hell could you not know ganon? DO YOU LIVE UNDER A ROCK?

    • Death Killington

      RAAM beat Sephiroth in the first round, thanks to /b/. And Kefka is going to lose to Sweet Tooth, again, thanks to /b/. Pac-Man Ghosts and Team Rocket could go either way, since /vp/ (/tr/ whatever) asked for their help beating Breen, since it's a fairly small board, and some /b/tards helped them, and others are hurting them.Same goes for Pac-Man Ghosts, except nobody asked for their help and they're not facing some villain with a retarded fanbase. I really hope /b/ starts helping Team Rocket out soon, we need all the help we can get.

      And I think they're going to vote Ganondorf out soon, IIRC.

  • veeronic

    ……………… just saw the results of raam vs sephiroth…… go to hell gamespot.

  • Something tells me that Ganondorf will not make it into Skyward Sword. Interviews have told us that the Skyward Sword becomes the Master Sword in this game, which to me says that the Master Sword didn't exist prior to the events of this game. Looking at the established Zelda canon, the earliest appearance of the Master Sword (in-game chronology) is in Ocarina of Time. OoT is also the first time Ganondorf appears in the chronology, since he is the most recent male born to the Gerudo in the last 100 years or so.

    I think the Master Sword issue raised above points to Skyward Sword taking place before OoT, and if that is the case, Ganondorf probably will not be there. That isn't to say that Ganon won't be, though; he's appeared independent of Ganondorf on numerous occasions. I think the real question is: will Ganon appear in Skyward Sword?

    • LadyBastet

      I think it is more likely for Ganon to appear than Ganondorf; your arguments about Ganondorf not appearing make sense.

      It would be nice if they had a less common bad guy though, even if it was a repeat.

  • veeronic

    please vote for kefka to, I cannot allow him to lose to a psychotic ice cream man.

    • BlackLesnar

      Just checked. He's losing to said ice-cream man by about 45-55.

      I say good riddance. It's bad enough that he got into the second round for nothing more than the ability to make noises like a broken record player, which is ironically what he acts like with his one-word vocabulary. It's not like deep, interesting or motivated villians should mean a damn. Perish the thought! All you need is to wear a pretty frock and shout "Hate!" alot, and the world will sing you praises like you're Chuck f***ing Norris! >:O

      …I'm not big Kefka fan.

    • X4Dennis24

      what?!? i love sweet tooth

  • ChainofTermina

    you forgot the time when we turned him into a statue.

    • ChainofTermina

      but yeah, some of these vs. matches are weird. I actually haven't heard of a lot of these villaaaaaaaaagggghhahaghagahaghfgkjdbvkdfbvskvbs HOW THE FUCK DID ALMA WADE LOSE!!!!! NO! NO GAMESPIKE OR WHATEVER THE HELL YOUR NAME IS! ALMA WADE DOES NOT LOSE! SHE DOES NOT! she get's deep, deep into the depths of your soul's darkest abyss, feeding off your most nightmarish fears, playing with your most vulnerable emotions, and then, when your mind has given all it can to the rightful dominatrix of your psyche, she blasts you apart in an explosion of wet, bloody meat-chunks that coats the entire room with crimson, gooey, essence-of-life! She is the ruler, the Dark Goddess of the world's psychosis, and whatever she lusts, she has you deliver to her before your timely, gory death….

      so, yeah, I'm not crazy or anything. I just have a fake nerd-crush on a fictional videogame villain who doesn't really exist. that's all. HEE HA HA HOO HE HE HEE HA HAAA

      but seriously though, if it was Ganon vs. Alma, I'd totally vote for Alma. she is by far my most favorite videogame villain, and I agree with veeronic, Gamespot can indeed go **** it's self.

    • Retrospect

      Dude, stabbing him in the face and turning him into a statue was the same thing.

      • ChainofTermina

        oh, I thought he meant when OoT Link stabbed Ganon in the face, you know, the final blow? when Link stabs the big Monster Ganon right in the face? I thought that's what he was referring to.

  • Majin Kai

    Bah! Broly from the DBZ games takes the cake for me.

  • Ares is the one who's small compared to Ganon(dorf). He exceeds in each way of evil and malicious plans of conquest. Every representation of Ares I've seen from the Percy Jackson series to the Justice League Unlimited cartoons (which I was far less disappointed in), has been misinterpreted, to me. He is not some modern badboy, as Ganon way somewhat portrayed in OoT; he is THE GOD OF WAR, for Pete's sake. I merely wish the creators would consider this.

    I am not judging Rick Riordan's version of Ares; I understand why he made the god of war the way he is, because in the Percy Jackson books the gods were attuning the present-day ways that best fit them.

    As to Ganon being in SS, I believe he might make an appearance, in a way that suggests his birth later on, but will not be the main villain. Actually, I take that back, with this in mind: How did he come to be a "god" in TP? He never played this sort of character in the other games, so they could cover this origin in Skyward Sword.

    • TheMaverickk

      He wasn't a "god" in TP. He just had magical powers, which when coupled with the Triforce of Power made him a strong force to contend with. It allowed him to take on that energy form he has, and posses people and so forth.

      Not to mention he could probably empart power from the Triforce to someone like Zant by using the Triforce… similar to how Zelda was able to em part the Triforce's power into Midna.

      • You're right; I forgot about that part from TP. I only wondered at him being an actual deity due to Zant's reference of that. Then again, he was probably thought of as a "god" since he had the a piece of the Triforce in him, and thought of himself as one. But whatever. That theory wasn't all that well-based anyhow.

  • Lunchbox*

    Except that…

    he's not the greatest villain ever.

  • matt17

    wth is ares? (gow noob)
    definitely vote Ganondorf

    • Ares is the god of war in Greek Mythology. He goes around Olympus, which is the "heaven" of GM also, aspiring to create disorder among the other gods and thus affect the inhabitants of the earth below. Of course, his attempts are pretty much always stymied by the heroes, and order is restored therefore.

  • ríomhaire

    I can't decide who I would prefer to win, Kane or GLaDOS. Probably Kane.

  • Ashmic

    has anyone read the comments there, some people don't even know who he his (how do you manage that?) and then everyones complaining and insulting on another, I feel bad Ganon won't win but those comments hurt the zelda fans.

  • EDracon

    Honestly, Ganon isn't a very good villain he turned into an almost Team Rocket like figure, only without the humor. He does alot as a villain but he falls too fast.

    • EDracon

      on another note, I did vote for him. I also voted for Mother Brain, GLaDOS, and Dr. Breen.

  • TheMaverickk

    I think Ganondorf will only make an appearance as a cameo. Not the main antagonist or final boss of Skyward Sword.

    I wouldn't be surprised if there are references to him in the game… like if you hear a tale or prophecy about a dark lord who will appear in the future. Or maybe you will have a young Ganondorf character…. or perhaps even Ganondorf's father… or predecessor. Something along those lines that is.

    I don't think that he will be the main villain though causing trouble across the land below Skyloft. Mind you that's all speculation and everything. So we will have to wait and see what comes of it all.

    • Aquanam

      I think what they should do is have him help you!

  • mario_master

    No i don’t think GANONDORF will be in the game but maybe GANON will since he and GANONDORF were originally two seprate beings until GANONDORF absorbed him to get more power

  • loveroflegends

    ~chants~ GANON GANON GANON!!!

    He literally rapes me in my dreams XD

    You can tell why i am terrified of him now o.o'

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  • LadyBastet

    Am I the only one who wishes that there were only video-game only bad guys to vote for? I dunno, as much as I love their characters, I wish characters like Joker and Darth Vader weren't in the polls, as there are many more video-game exclusive bad guys that could be listed.

    Maybe I'm just stuck up 🙂 Ah well, I voted for Joker and Ganondorf and Arthas.

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  • Nitemares

    it's not gonna be the same ganondorf in the new game if he's in it, it'll be a descendant, cause it's a prequel, but remember in the gerudo race a male is born once every hundred years, so he's not the same one, we saw the ganondorf who exists in the other games in ocarina of time, that's when his story started. i always knew there was a prequel before OoT, cause shiek told link you really do look like the mythical hero of time, probably referring to the one in skyward sword.

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  • Shaelyn

    blargh, popularity contests. I'm not a fan.
    I don't necessarily think Ganondorf should win, either. I thought the Skull Kid was a more evil villain, as far as the Zelda series goes. …and then there's Kefka. Kefka actually managed to destroy the world. …and GLaDOS is just fun and cold, I love her to death and want her to win, though she's probably not the best villain up there either.

    anyway. especially in an online popularity contest like this, it's really more about what fans hear about the contest – what groups it ends up getting advertised to. that just annoys me.

  • X4Dennis24

    Ganon is my favorite Nintendo villain, but over all of gaming? im not sure, he really lacks personality throughout the series honestly.

  • Nintenfan81

    Ganon won't be in SS. it just doesn't make sense, because the Master Sword isn't made yet and Ganon's rise was in Oot, where the Master Sword was already a legendary blade, meaning it was already freakin ancient. So unless he suddenly learned the song of time the king of evil is gonna be sitting this one out.

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