Like my new gauntlet? I just got it at Macy's. Isn't it just faaaabulous?

We first met him as a hulking blue pig monster in the original The Legend of Zelda in 1986. We’ve seen him in many incarnations throughout the years, but his objective is nearly always the same: acquire the complete Triforce and dominate the kingdom of Hyrule.

He has stood against us for more than twenty years. We’ve shot enchanted arrows at him, played a strange game of energy ball tennis, pierced his heart, banished him to another realm, and even stabbed him in the face! But now we finally have a reason to root for him: we want him to win GameSpot’s All Time Greatest Game Villain!

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But also, while we’re on the subject: do you think Ganondorf will make an appearance in Skyward Sword? We want to hear what you think! Let us know in the comments below!

Source: GameSpot (tip by CornOfPotato)
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