Pretend those are YOUR hands.

It was bound to appear sooner or later on YouTube, and it finally has! Footage from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS has finally found its way onto YouTube, thanks to French gaming site Puissance Nintendo.

It isn’t much–just a tiny teaser trailer–and the effect is utterly lost on us as we do not have the actual 3DS in our hands. But if the unabashed amazement expressed by the people filming it is any indication (not to mention the countless accounts from those who’ve had hands-on experience at E3), this is going to wow us when we can see it in person.

Until then, have a look at this YouTube clip from E3.

View the video after the jump!

The game footage begins at the 1:19 mark.

Source: Puissance Nintendo (via Flames of Hyrule, tipped by Bolero of Fire)
  • Love the new graphics, but I still love N64 graphics. THIS GAME IS GOING TO BE AWESOME. I never get around to playing OoT, but soon I will, and I won't be limited to playing in my living room.

    Oh, and when this comes out, will you be making a new game page for it, or will it only be accessible from the OoT page?

    • TheyCallMeTim?

      …when the 3ds is coming around…im gna steal it from work…we get things 4 days in advance :l

      • LikeABoss

        You are fired!

  • CAN
    WAIT for this game, and the graphics look so much better! I'd say this thing could even uphold Wind Waker graphics!

  • TLoZmastr

    im going to kill that man for seen it before me

    • Errorjack

      It was a trailer, nothing to kill about.

      • Scrivs

        lol if it was the real game he would have the right to kill xD

    • I'm sure many people have seen it before you lol. e3 and this roundtable, for instance :B

  • Nana

    Ah, nostlagia. <3

  • Keith

    Sweeeeeeeeeeet!! I really REALLY hope MM (And maybe WW but that's VERY iffy) follows. xD I'm gonna pre-order this. :]

  • Thareous

    Wow, the graphics on that baby are remarkable. Those with a 3DS (yes, sadly, I prefer the remote-controlled platforms; so while others enjoy this, I’ll have Skyward Sword) are going to cherish their time on this masterpiece. I hope OoT remains top of the charts forevermore.

  • The… the legends are true! Couldn't resist saying that. I mean I know it was real before but just wanted to say that.

    But yeah quite a short trailer there and of course hard to see. I saw within Hyrule there that the buildings within were 3D graphics instead of just a flat image so that is a good sign. I still wonder if the graphics will be improved by time of release.

    I really wish this had been for Wii really, I really prefer a large TV to play games rather than a tiny screen. But even so I still buy handhelds because of games like this that I want to play.

  • Scrivs

    this only makes me want the 3DS even more! CAAAANT WAAAAAIT!!!

  • We couldn't see much because the graphics are pretty much blurred to us, but it looked like it was really good!

  • Chainoftermina


    • ZeldaGurl_

      LULZ, You never stop cracking me up. xD

      *Passes out from over laughing* Jk^^

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  • Oh my gosh! Those ARE my hands!!!!

    (I’m good at pretending, huh?)

    • VERY good! I believed you! 😀

  • Elijah

    I'm excited for this game, but it's not like I'll be able to play it since I won't be getting the 3DS. That's ok though becuase I will be playing the game I'm really excited about, skyward sword!

  • EpicDC

    Quick idea I wanna get out. What if they made a console version of “a link to they past” so we can see it a new epic form. I for one would die for two seperate overworlds and the numerous challenging dungeons remade in 3d. Plus it had a great story considering Ganon was never “dorf”.

    • I'd love a 3DS remake of A Link to the Past as well. I'd love to see it done in a 3D cel-shaded style mimicking the art style from the instruction manual. That would rock my socks.

  • Fishman

    bastian, small fry, I would rather see LttP done is the style of Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks.

    • linkdude101


    • To each their own. 🙂
      Actually, I'd love to see that, too, if you mean the 2.5D style. However, I'd rather the art style resemble the art from the ALttP official art.

  • him but not her

    God I can turn off the 3D right?

    • TheHero-of-theWInds

      yep, dont know why you dont want it 🙂

  • James

    If A Link To The Past was ever remade I would like to see it in 2D still, just have the graphics bumped up to make it look better. Anyway, I wasn't that bothered about Ocarina Of Time 3DS. I don't really care for remakes unless it is of a game that has never come out in England before (ala Final Fantasy III on the DS), but after seeing that I'm psyched for it :D.

  • I can see well on the 3DS,I guess it only work on eyes not camera

  • one word will done it :ICWFTG

  • Wow!

    This looks really good! I love how the horse motion is much more fluid and natural, apparently even moreso than Twilight Princess. I wonder if it’ll be just a graphical/gameplay-streamlined remake or if they’ll add bonus content (new dungeons, sidequests etc.).

    I may have to get that 3DS after all…

  • Navi17

    OH MY GOSH!!! This is amazing!!! and thisis is horribleat the same time because I'm sure we have to buy a whole new DS right?!? NO!! And It sucks even more because I came on here because my N64 Ocarina of Time Zelda game finally took a dump on me today! The sound is totally out on the game it's the saddest thing in the world, it was my all time favorite game in the wolrd and we all know the game rreally isin't much worth playing wihtout sound!!

    • oh really…is that what you think?then you only use your ears to play this game!are you blind or something?

    • nugget

      It's not a new DS, like the DSi or Lite. It's an entirely new handheld. It's like the switch from Gameboy to DS or Gamecube to Wii.

  • bennett11


  • Team mate joe

    why is everyone so excited for a remake of a game that is way to overrated? handhelds suck anyways.

    • ZeldaGurl_

      Pish Posh, Mr. Grumpy Pants. Ocarina of Time is truly what made The Legend a Legend. In NO WAY WHATSOEVER IS IT OVER RATED! It truly deserves the credit it has been given, and I think that being able to relive the magic again, WHEREVER you go is going to be awesome, even if I am a bigger fan of playing on a big TV screen with loud surround sound. xP

      Ocarina of Time is at it again, and is going to dominate! 😀

    • James

      I know many people have different views on what is the best Zelda game, but Ocarina Of Time put the series on the map and made it popular. For this alone Ocarina Of Time isn't overrated.

  • oh man,that 3DS is gotta spend lots of money,it worth on Wii!!how much is a Wii?I don't excatly know!but it'll must be $2000-3000or more!!

    • I mean $2000-3000 or more

      • Landrict

        um, a wii is only $160 or so. definitely not $2000-3000

  • Z-MAN7

    Don't understand why Nintendo won't release an official video of the the tech demo.

  • I can't wait, but will OoT 3DS wait for me?

  • SuperCucco


  • Haha, when I saw this, I actually found myself humming the intro music from the original OoT title screen out loud! =)

    Anyway this looks amazing so far, I can't wait to see what direction Nintendo's going to take with both this and the Star Fox 64 remake. I'd love to see the entire OoT soundtrack remastered for the 3DS version along with some additional goodies, like some new side quests or even a new secret dungeon. (Temple of Light, anyone?)

    Not sure if I'll decide to invest in a 3DS or not, but I'm seriously considering it. Both this and SS have me excited, which is really saying something since I haven't truly been this excited over anything in the gaming world since TP came out.

  • Oh, wow! It sucks that we can't see the 3D, but I guess that'll just make it all the better experience when we actually play it first-hand!

  • Dr Cube


    I'm the guy who filmed this video for Puissance-Nintendo! I was at the Roundtable, and this demo was amazing! Short, but amazing. Trust me, OoT 3DS will be beautiful.

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  • guys i can't what till it comes out !

  • TriforceGod

    I for one do not believe the N3DS will be $300. When I was in Mexico, the Wii was selling for 4000 pesos….that's ~$360 folks at the then exchange rate. However, the Wii was not selling in the states for $360 it was selling for $249. So even though the N3DS will sell for 25,000 yen in Japan which is ~$300 here in the states by no means indicates that the N3DS will sell in the states for $300. Also an interesting fact is the Wii debuted in Japan at 25,000 yen as well, but it debuted in the states for $249. Hopefully that gives some hope to us all regarding buying a N3DS!

    Now, finally about Ocarina of Time 3D, I seriously hope they add some more sidequests and some optional dungeons! Perhaps an Ocarina of Time version of the Cave of Ordeals or the Savage Labyrinth? That'd be cool.

    @EpicDC… I agree that they should remake LttP with 3d graphics. That would seriously be amazing! Oh and side note, in the LttP manual Ganon in the LttP was the leader of a band of theives that opened a portal to the golden land and his name was Ganondorf Dragmire. Ganon later became his Alias name as he was an ancient demon reborn.

  • Chief

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh please Nintendo make a Majora's Mask remake in 3D! PLEASE!!!!!!

  • Navi_IsStupid

    OOOHHH CANT WAIT!!!! but does anyone know if they will be makin it for dsi and not only for 3DS… i kinda just bought the dsi and im not really feelin like pickin up a whole new ds… but i really look forward to the game!! Happy for Answers!! 🙂

    Ps. Navi is F***in annoying!! XD

  • Navi_IsStupid

    OOOHHH CANT WAIT!!!! but does anyone know if they will be makin it for dsi and not only for 3DS… i kinda just bought the dsi and im not really feelin like pickin up a whole new ds… but i really look forward to the game!! Happy for Answers!! 🙂

  • 3ds

    Linko652, in the UK it's about £219, so that would be about $400.

  • Kami

    Gosh… Ocarina is… pff… Ocarina is the best game ever, I can't say anymore, I can't wait for it… and l'm gonna kill everyone who doesn't have it…
    it isn't a joke .__.