Thinking about Princess Zelda

Jimmy Fallon is a geek for videogames, and he doesn’t care who knows it.

Unfortunately he was not able to make it out to E3 due to his television program, so he’s bringing E3 to him. On his Late Night With Jimmy Fallon show, he is honoring E3 with Videogames Week, each day featuring a new piece of hardware or new game.

Tomorrow (Friday) he will have a 3DS on the show, because, as he said: “I’m a big DS guy; I gotta play that thing.” But what he really wanted was Skyward Sword. It turns out that Zelda is Jimmy Fallon’s favorite game series.

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IGN asked Jimmy what his favorite videogame was, and he had this to say:

“I mean Zelda is my favorite of all time. I just love puzzle games and I love adventure. [Zelda is] kind of a mix of story and puzzle and the soundtrack is always good, I just love it. I mean every time you hear the theme I’m like “I’m in!” Maybe because it was ingrained in my brain when I was a kid.”

Jimmy had asked Nintendo to bring him Skyward Sword to test on his show, but they wouldn’t go for it. Instead they’re sending him Donkey Kong Country.

So Friday we’re having Donkey Kong Country, we tried to get Zelda but Aonuma probably was just like “Nope”. If it was up to him probably no one would have even played the game, he’d be like, “Just know that it exists,” and he just hides it. So Donkey Kong Country should be fun, we’ll check that out and play that. I heard it’s really cool.

A pity, since with Zelda being Jimmy Fallon’s favorite game of all time, he would certainly hype it well. Maybe closer to release Nintendo will allow him the opportunity.

Regardless, Friday’s show should be fun to watch with Donkey Kong Country and the 3DS!

You can read the rest of IGN’s interview with Jimmy Fallon at IGN’s site.

Source: IGN
  • Jake

    Dont worry Jimmy, we all want to play it, but cant….. we'll have to wait 'till next year.

  • Awww… Jimmy…

  • I remember him mentioning that he likes Zelda during an Interview with Robin Williams. (Also Robin confirmed that his daughter really is named after Princess Zelda)

  • carrot

    Jimmy Fallon just gained +50 respect points

  • Soo, my new favorite actor is… XD

  • Matt

    He’s my new Coco.

  • Larwaa

    Hype is not always good. Look at TP, it didn’t turn out as good as most people hoped, because they had very high expectations. I believe keeping the details secret and revealing only a little is key to not getting too much hype and ruining it. I would _love_ to hear Nintendo say “Hey, in 2 months we’re gonna release a new Zelda that no ones ever heard about.”

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  • Brandon

    I suddenly really love Jimmy Fallon.

  • Keimori

    yay jimmy!

  • Meralia

    Huh, didn't know Jimmy was a gamer. Cool. The interview said he often has game developers and such people on his show. Why didn't I know this?! I like the show but usually forget to watch it, but had I known… I'll set an alarm or something from now on. Don't want to miss any more fun…

  • Truth be told, I'm much more a fan of Craig Ferguson, but Mr. Fallon is all right in my book, too. 😀

  • Matt

    I love Jimmy and Craig!